Wednesday, March 28, 2007

well, I'm officaly insane!

I sent in my registration for the 400K tonight. I still cant believe I did it. It ' probably going to take 24, provided I don't DNF. Yes, I've been looking at Bail points. part of like about Rando riding is it is a blend of mental and physical fitness. yes, I know bike racing is too, but I'm way too slow for that.
On another crazy topic, I've got a week to go before easter. so far, I failed miserably with Potato chips, and the purple wristband broke. I am managing to keep with the blog for my audience.Yeah!
I think it show that some time you have to try something, even if you know you're going to fall on your face. If you read the right books and have faith, someone will always be there to catch you when you fall (yes, I also like Science Fiction, especially Babylon 5).

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