Saturday, March 10, 2007

Climbs, the invisble man, and the wind

Toady was the second edition of "the Grind' ride. The only problems was that the leader for the long ride did not show. Or maybe he wore his invisibility suit and rode his invisible bike. Most of the those folk were fine going solo, so I bid them adieu ,and led my charges out on the short ride. Everyone had a good time, except for the guy how decided to make a short cut. I wound doing some doubling back to look for him. After the ride, I decided to ride up to the Lytle Creek firing Range. The only problem was that I hit some ferocious headwind when I got to the 15 Freeway. I decided to press on. I made to the Valero at the 15 and summit, where I took my tights. I rode up into the canyon, with no let up in the wind, except for a brief section past the ranger station where the canyon makes an s -bend. I finally decided to turn around at the Fire station, about 5 miles and 1000 feet shy of my goal. I think I had enough intensity battling the wind. Going down was equally as intense, as I was going over 50mph at times. Stopped by Henry's and got my usual Fair Trade coffee, and got a new Michelin tire from REI, which was made in Thailand (well, better than China, i think. They were a democracy until a few months ago.)

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