Sunday, November 17, 2013

The best kind of nieghbors

That's what my mom used of us living next door to a cemetery. So I went over to Albany Rural cemetery:

Its most famous 'resident' is Chester Arthur

After that, I need to warm up:
and got in a traffic jam:

Monday, November 11, 2013

Recycle this post

Well, Saturday was a bit too cold for cycling, so I did some indoor hiking:

And took in a hockey game. We lost again.

Sunday was little bit better. I went over to the Port of Albany. I had seen something in the Times union:
Somewhat Ironically, across the street is this:

more details of Mr. Curtiss' flight are here. Dome of the more fun details are: It took him two hours (What the Amtrak takes, A flight from ALB to EWR(no flights anymore to JFK or LGA) takes an hour), and he had stop in Poughkeepsie for gas. And the plane is close by a scrapyard, too,in case it becomes a can of Bud. I used to have a Neon, so this car spoke to me:

you eventually come to the end of the road:

But the road goes on, your old car becomes your soda can, holey socks turn into rags, you find a new job, the list goes on. Here's a nice view of Rensselaer:
Speaking of recycling, I heard a pop when I turned into the apartments. Another items to be recycled, as I broke a spoke:

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Memphis gets some LUV

Yes, I went there again. I t took a different airline this time:
A blue 737? Yes, it's Southwest airlines. The Finger lakes:

Stopped to change planes at Chicago Midway:

and it was on to Memphis:

picked up my rental car:

And Mom headed up to Jackson, MO
I think it was good for both of use to go back, if only briefly. I'd like for it to be longer, Bur we know that sometimes you can't make that happen.