Saturday, July 19, 2008

for the best performance, we take energy from exhaust and recycle it...

Well, today I rode another brevet. Only this time, I did the same route as I did in January. Since I was doing this a permanent, I can count the miles,( I wouldn't be bale to be otherwise)
The weather forecast called for a marine layer along the coast, but burning off by midday. I noticed that I had to start using my windshield wipers when I went past downtown LA. not a good sign.
I got there a little early. I would have gone ahead and started, but I needed to go to the bathroom really bad. So I waited for Starbucks to open. and waited. Finally, I went to Raplhs' (a supermarket).
one thing I did that you probably shouldn't do is that I rode this in new shorts and a new helmet. The shorts worked out great, but the helmet had some issues (ironically, this is second on of that model I've had. I can't recall the other one giving me problems.
So I was pedaling down PCH in the clouds and making good time. I took a break in Port Hueneme to photograph a sod field(why? beats me!)I also stopped at the second control. One thing that the route's owner, Greg Jones, did differently was that he did not specify a specific store for the control, but rather find a store near the corner of blah blah and whatisit. So I had a choice of Jack in the box, a liquor store, or a grocery store . I took the grocery store.
I continued to pedal. It took me a while to get used to the traffic passing on the 101 ( for about 2 miles, you ride on the shoulder of a freeway). on the climb up rincon road, I picked up a goathead thorn on my front tire. I decided to wait till the top to pull it out. I was soon in Carpinteria. I had my choice of Starbucks(caffeine does wonderful things to my blood pressure), an Albertson's, or an AM/PM I choose my old standby, AM/PM.
After eating my lunch, I noticed my front tire was flat. Curse you goathead!(where's Steve when we need him?)I fixed , but I noticed a cute bike shop on the way back. So I stopped, got a spare tube, and admired the vintage Peugeot the owner was restoring.
Since I was back by Point Mugu, I decided to do some equal service time by snapping a pic of the "Screaming Eagle" sign on the 101. , plus I took some pics along the freeway, and of favorite island( which I learned is named mussel shoals) I also took of the metal grated bridge you have to ride over (fun).
Speaking of fun, I discover that not only the clouds not burn off, but I was fighting a wind from an unexpected direction (the south).
I soon arrived at control in Port Hueneme. I usually like Convenience or grocery stores, but I all I could find was a Subway or Wendy's. I took the Subway. After walking out, I found the convenience store.
I stopped at the display at the NAS. I admit the first time I saw , I was a bit confused. I thought that all Tomcats had the "Jolly Rodger" insignia on their tails=(from "Top Gun" and "the final Countdown") Turns out, each squadron has their own insignia. I learned that the Squadron based at Point Mugu were/ are The Vampires and The Bloodhounds. So I had to see what exactly the art was. Both Planes are Bloodhounds (The squadron specializes in electronic warfare)
Being Malibu I was passed by a Rolls-Royce on the way back. for being a cloudy day the beaches were full.
On benefit to this route is that you the final big hill by Pepperdine University by walking the bike for little bit , and then taking a side street. While on the street, I thought I heard a jet plane. It sounded awfully low. it was a Ferrari(yes, this is Malibu). after getting a receipt(and the sun cam when I was putting the bike in the car(A Ford Focus), I decide to head to the 101 to go back. I stopped in Calabasas for supper, and soon got in a jam. A trash truck had broken down.
But a great day to do a ramble on the bike!