Monday, May 31, 2010


I decided to check out the San Diego Creek Trail and the Newport back bay for my recumbent group
Starting out there's a memorial sculpture:

The trail is your typical SoCal riverbed:

It ends at the 405:


Quite a contrast:

I then turned around and got on the 405 Bike path. you go over the freeway before cruising beside it:

you come back to the creek and wind up at Newport back (I have no idea what the barge was doing there)

I like this road:

I eventually got to PCH, The city has a nice overlook/ memorial

I took out Flat lion and let him in on the action:

The back of the monument. As you can see , I was appropriately dressed:

on the back bay loop, there was plane taking off from Santa ana/ John Wayne airport about every 10 minutes:

parts of the creek aren't channelized:

I was back at the car in no time, I was going to check out another trail, but there was a little problem:

Time for plan b. I rode back down sand Canyon, where Irvien had put a handy-dandy bike map:

I was soon on the sand canyon trail:

I rode back through the UCI campus and crossed over the 405 again(and the bike path):

I decided to see if could get back on the walnut trail by cutting through some paths
It was pretty, but futile:

I did get back on the walnut path . It parallels the railroad tracks and goes by a community garden:

I finally decided to call it day. since I had 814 miles for the month of may, I rewarded myself:

and it's right by the back path:

I had 58 miles when I got back to the car, I thought about 4 more for a metric, but 58 was enough for today, since I needed to do some other things

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bi modalism

I decided to do a bike ride in Redlands today. But I didn't want to drive. So I rode.
Here's the California speedway;

I then rode by the Simonson Center in Rialto, The Club used to meet here, until the break in got to be too bad.(one Gentleman cam back to find some one had stole his battery from his van)

It's May, so The Jacaranda trees are in Bloom:

Looks the dog got the best of the Wagon

Maybe it's one the Mormon used when they Settled San Bernardino
I got to the start of the ride and caroused:

We then took off. One of our stops was by the Modern Mormon Temple in Redlands

we had another stop at The Greenspot Store:

we then went one of my favorite places, Greenspot Road

The old Bridge over the Santa Ana:

and another regroup:

we then rode by the old Norton Air Force Base:

and then had lunch:

I the rode back by Norton. It's now the San Bernardino International Airport. They have a shiny new terminal building, but no Airline flies there. consider that Ontario is having problems getting flights, no surprise:

Downtown "San Berdoo":

I finally got to the Depot. It's been restored:

part of it is a museum , This reminded me of Grandfather Lingo:

It was time to go home:

It's still the Santa Fe Tracks.
at home I had a nice surprise:

I got that plant from the Logsdons for Christmas 2008. It reminding that life is lot of tedium (water the plant, water the plant, water the plant) , followed by reward - patience pays off (I remember the box saying "blooms in three weeks". Right)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bike to work

Today was bike to work day. My first time doing it for about 7 years.
Starting out on route 66:

Hardest part: going under the Pacific Electric:

Crossing over into Upland:

At Euclid, there's the Madonna of the trail
From 5-20-2010

Crossing over into LA county and the City Of Claremont:
From 5-20-2010

The Mother Road:

The name of the restaurant is Sushi Cruise:
From 5-20-2010

Claremont Village:

Refueling station. so much for my diet
From 5-20-2010

get on the train:
From 5-20-2010

get off in El Monte:
From 5-20-2010

more food!
Then I get on the bus:

Say Hello to Eloy:

go two miles, cross the street:
From 5-20-2010

and I'm at work:

I wound up two LA Metro Patck kits, a City of ElMonte pencil, and a City of ElMonte tape measure.
It was fun, but I did have to skip out on the club banquet. But then riding to and from work is the best part of the day. Despite the fact that I left my water bottle and laptop charger at home