Sunday, January 29, 2012

No Frost at the Faire

I saw that the Saratoga National Historical Park was having a re-enacting event, and the road looked clean, so I put my bike in my car and headed out.
It was still a bit cold:

and the "soliders " needed some drill

The cannon was ready for a demonstration:

And i was off for a tour:

Life was lot slower, I though as I passed the horses with ease.
later on I went to an Albany devils and came home with a souvenir. This was fun , as I got over to the T-U and realized I had forgotten my ticket. oops!
From Alb

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Not enough, but too much

We had some snow, and I has signed up for snowshoeing class. But it turns out, there wasn't enough.
I did wind up with some new shoes

and worked on my book until my fingers fell of while watching vintage TV

I Like it (and Dragnet) not only because of the right, But Jack webb's attention to detail. He bought cars not second hand, but as part of the LAPF contract. Of course, he did lay on the "square" attitude a little too much, even for back then

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ok, who left the Freezer door open

It was 17 for the high yesterday. Saturday was almost balmy at 25.
Probably not good biking weather:

I did drop in at L.L. Bean got a belt to keep my pants on (Yay!), and signed up for snowshoeing class, and bought a multi-tool from the Downtube.
I also stopped by the Albany Institute of History and Art:

It had been bugging me since I drive by it on the way home from church. It was a deal at $8.00, but not worth going out of your for.
and today, and afternoon hockey game:

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Another dead post

From 1-4-2012
one other thing we did was visting my relatives. Thankfully, all the Lingos are at Memorial Park
The hard part is the since there are no unique markers here, it make navigation hard. I drove to where we thought they were. No luck. Mom and I thought they were in two different sections. Mom got out of the car, and promptly fell. we gave up that day.
The Next day, we went back and asked the office. Most helpful



Mom stayed in the car, unless I escorted her, and I came up with some ideas for computer projects -good day indeed

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Southern by the Grace of God

I woke up on the 29th, It was 9 degrees here in Albany.
I started up my car and Drove over the Berkshire Extension of the New York Thruway (toll $.84),the Mass Pike (toll $.00), and I-91. at 0900 I got to Bradley, and checked in. I used the E-boarding pass, which promoted me to the "Trusted Traveler" status in the eyes of the TSA.
I wandered around for an hour and a half, until n645ae pulled up:

No First class on this bird, Port side is as good as it gets:

I had an 2 layover at o'hare. Strangely, My E-boarding pass would not work here. I had to resort to the old fashioned paper.

Before getting on N820AE, which is an Embraer 140, Inside, it looks about like any other ERJ:

But it only holds 45 passengers, versus 50 for a 145. The reason: American can pay the pilots less money. It's also rumored to be headed to the desert for conversion to coke cans as part of AA'a Bankruptcy.
Soon, we were crossing old man river:

Picked up my Kia soul from Alamo:

Which worked out pretty good, although the Hip-Hop Hamster are probably mad at me for hauling a walker in the back:

and headed off to have supper with Mother:

Coming back, I went to Beale Street, and stopped to say hi to the King:

and a parting shot:

So ended my walking in Memphis:

I really like Marc Cohn's video the best. I realize that it's a oft-coverd song, but his seems to capture my Memphis more the others, with out getting too Elvis-sy.Several good touches- the river boat, Lots of African-Americans(who seem to disappear on the numerous covers), shotgun houses, and the Boy wearing the Cardinals cap.
I dropped the Car back at Alamo, getting lost a couple of time along the way. What do you mean, they tore down the Mall of Memphis? Next thing, they'll bulldoze Stax studios:

Oh wait, they did that. And the Air Force repossessed the Memphis Belle, so all that's Left is this:
From 1-4-2012
and the pedestal where it stood on Central Avenue.
Anyway,Once the shuttle bus driver picked me up , she asked what airline I was flying.
"American." I responded
"American?! She replied "You talk like that, you should be flying Delta, like us. You going to Dallas?"
"New York State. Via Chicago."
This really threw for a loop, almost as bad as some of the folks living at the Parkview. Having tried and failed to convince her that New York State and New York City are two different things, I reverted back to more easy conversation.
And yes, my next trip down there will be on Delta.

A joke.
A Man dies in the Southeast. When he wakes up, He realizes that he is at the local airport, at the Delta gate, Saint Peter is standing behind the counter.
He approaches Saint Peter, who hands him a boarding pass.
"I noticed the arrival time has been delayed." The man says. "Is there anything I did?"
"Nah" Saint Peter answers "The Plane's coming here from Atlanta. There's thunderstorms there today. Delta's Chairman stubbed his toe and said something the Lord didn't like."
A little out of date, now that Delta and Northwest merged and Delta took over the Memphis hub. In case you're wondering Northwest got to Memphis by buying the original Republic, which in turn was a merger of Southern, North Central, and Hughes Airwest. Delta is not named for its logo, but for the Mississippi Delta, as it started out as Huff Daland Crop Dusters of Monore, La.
and, The king runs the Airport, too:

I was composing an e-mail, when I noticed the flight for Dallas was operated by N984TW. Can't get away from TWA.
My Flight to ORD was on N610AE, another ERJ145.
My future hometown (with the Grace of god):

Back at O'hare:

My Flight back to Bradley was not on the ERJ, but on the CRJ-700. Nice riding plane for a regional, despite the odd window arrangement(maybe picks next time).
Got back, and it was still cold. Still, it beats unemployment. That's what I keep telling myself.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

going Back thirty-fouty years

Well, I 'm sitting here at Mom's place in The Parkview on Poplar here in Memphis:

The parkview started out as the Parkview hotel in the 20's,and now is paying hosts to folks who can remember when it competed with the Peabody for the Elite traveler. Inside, it still can run with the Peabody:

But, no fountains and no Ducks(and more impotantly, no downtown), so the Parkview becomes assisted living, and the Peabody:
>I took my Mother there to see the ducks. Was too busy with Liberty Bowl fans, so we went down to Beale Street:
and had lunch:

Next to Robert Johnson's: But it was little too busy, and Beale has gotten more touristy. I smiled at the "Vintage" Pepsi ad in the background here:
considering the generic term for soft drink here is "Coke"
Anyway, let's leave the king On Bellvue at the Jungle Room and head over to Overton Park.

That's E.H."Boss" Crump. Unlike most folks from swampeast Missouri, my first visits to an Art Museum weren't at Forest park in Saint Louis, but Overton park here in Memphis.
Brooks Museum.

and the Zoo:

The Solider's memorial.

and The Memphis Belle.I can remember it sitting in front of the Armory on Central

Back to the parkview, and some Black-eyed peas and Corn bread. I need some luck, If I'm going to do everything that's been set before me for 2012: