Sunday, July 31, 2011

Write first, research later

I've been going back and writing out notes on my writing. Writing Historical fiction is almost as hard as writing a history. Where did i get that idea? How did so and so get his education as a priest? Why did they move? When did the battle happen? who came up with that hare brained idea?
Now, much chastened, I'm caught up. for now.

The right tool for the task

Here's some lowriders

and a rest area appropriate for Fontucky:

I spent most of the afternoon yesterday test riding new (gasp! Horrors!) Diamond frame(Conventional) bikes.
I've come to the conclusion that the recumbent is not the best platform for mountain riding (as opposed to mountain biking).
Other than that it's probably going to a be Giant Brand, I have no ideas. I 'd like to the do a mixup of all the bikes and shops I visited, but that's not going to happen. Of course I could decided to stay with what I have.
Always something

Sunday, July 24, 2011

simpler is better

I got a chance to ride the Fontana section of the PET this weekend, a lot better donw, even thought it's not as "Fancy Pants" as Rancho Cucamonga's section
Old depot from 1915:

The bridge over Foothill (Rt66) They re-used the original bridge, whereas in Rancho we had the "Rex Gutierrez I can still be your councilman from prison bridge"

Another good reuse old Sunkist warehouse - still a warehouse, but now for Fontana Unified Schools:

Until next week, keep the rubber side down:

flying back

Still working on my trip
N961TW : My bird to STL
From Stl
You'll notice the "June Gloom" morning clouds. Here's LA

Kansas City Airport (MCI) :

Making the turn for Final approach:

Renovations inside:
From Stl
And tornado Damage outside:

My mom noticed something unusual about my rental:
From Stl
I always make a pilgrimage to old Bethel while I'm there It does serve to remind me that Cape Girardeau was different than others town, in that it was not homogeneously French. Here Shawnees, Delawares and Revolutionaries all lived together:

Bidding Old Bethel adieu for now:

and I paid my respects to Monsieur Lorimer as well

Gotta check out Le tour. brb:

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why Grumpy old men ride recumbents

This week was classic ride weekend at the bike club.
I was thinking about getting old because on of the club member That I had sold on Recumnbents dropped out because we were "too competitive" He even went to start a thread on a forum about it.
What makes it interesting is that I ran into the other side of the story. Ironically, it's the guy who I sold my Roubaix to. to add to irony, he was complaining about Steve wanting to turn everything into a race, and generally endangering everyone on the trail.
So where's the truth?
You do you have to a thick skin to walk the line between roadie land and Bentdom and get away with it. Too often, people can't and wind up in the hate, either that shown on Bent rider, or on any number of bike forums.
And yes, the Grind ride can be a bit over the top, but I think we a put it behind us once we get back.
Grumpy? I can see why if you keep on getting "where's your real bike?" or "When are your going to get as fast as you were on you old bike?" That would tend to make you stay where you can so off the "avantage" of being bent, like the rail trail, rather than Grinding it out on GMR (Pain: yes view: worth it) I have even sinned and went to and ogled the Defy 1, and looked for another CAAD7 on ebay (Ken can keep the Rouibaix)
So, I am Roadie, Hear me roar!
More Classic stuff:

and scenery:

From 7-16-2011

Saturday, July 16, 2011

still back in Time

Coming back on the 4th , I was going to stop and see the French marines in Kaskaskia,but there was just one problems:
From 7-5-2011

Old man river strikes again. I turned on the Radio, and found the Chester station. They were at Fort Kaskaskia, across the river. I did come calculations, and determined I couldn't do it in time.
So I pressed on to Ste Gen:
From 7-5-2011
I wanted to Visit the Bolduc house again, as part of my work include building a house similar to this, but conveniently moved to Cape Girardeau:
From 7-5-2011
As usual,I learned some things new to add, somethings to correct ,and somethings that I got right:
From 7-5-2011
I decided to walk on down to Gabouri Creek:
From 7-5-2011
A Train was coming back from the Lime Quarry:
From 7-5-2011
I decided to Visit Cahokia, Il.
Holy Family Catholic from 1799:
From 7-5-2011
and the First Saint Clair (Yes, named for General Arthur Saint Clair of the ignominious defat ) County Courthouse:
From 7-5-2011
It was time to go to the airport, but first trip by New busch Stadium:
From 7-5-2011
And back to Los Angeles:
From 7-5-2011
and making plans to attend the Fall Rendezvous at Fort Des Chartes. Still debating whether to stay in Saint Gen (closer, but will the Ferry be running?) or Chester(right side of river, bit further away)
until manana

Monday, July 11, 2011

Le Boom

I found my camera. after I had bought another one.
This is the french marines re-enactors firing the camera,and yes I was sick yesteerday.
I also made a new Friend at the Fort:

Lighting by glass:
From 7-6-2011
Bro exploring the Powder magazine ("that's a lot of wine")

An enjoyable place
I'm getting caught on e-mails- mainly sending out thank you notes to fort folks, plus the old Java stuff is getting back on track, so keep the rubber side down until next week

Sunday, July 03, 2011

I laid the camera down right here...

I took my brother on a trip to Fort Des Chartes

Fort des Chartes is about 5 miles north of Praire Du Rocher, Il on the Mississippi river. The first fort (of wood) was built in 1720. Flooding from the Mississippi destroyed the first two wooden fort, and the French Government built a stone fort in the 1750's. The Treaty of Paris in 1763 ended the French and Indian or seven years war, and transferred control of the east bank of the Mississippi to the British. They kept the fort active until the eve of the American Revolution in 1772, when they abandoned it and moved the troops eastward.
It set derelict until 1913, when the State of Illinois acquired the property. The Powder magazine was all that was left standing. It was restored as a "make work" project by the WPA in the Great Depression. It's used a museum:

They are some difference besides no shot, such as using aluminum foil as wadding (less fire risk), and lees powder. Still impressive.
I was going to take him back via Saint Genevieve and the Modoc ferry, but it was not running due to the flood. We went back down the East bank. I kidded him that we should stop in a redneck bar and get a frosty Bud or O'Douls, but he got mad because of his diabetes. We stopped instead at Chester, ll (home of Popeye) and had lunch at Hardee's. My Brother had a Monster thick burger(Ahem!), whereas I had the more svelte Turkey burger. Sadly to say, There was Spinach options,so we had to sulk out of town to avoid bullies
My brother feel asleep in the trip back. I went by Devils' Island ( more research) before heading home to get ready for my nephew's wedding, where I lost my camera. Oh well, I needed a new one

Rehearsal Photo