Sunday, February 20, 2011

Is Fifty Nifty?

Well , Wednesday at 2:37 PM Central Time, I will officially be an old Geezer.
I had put together a group of friends to ride 50 miles to celebrate.
And then the storm came in. The forecast looked like Rain all morning so most folks stayed in. No one was there at 7:27, so I took off (Pete and Vanessa arrived 2 minutes later). The sky did not look good:

I decided to go up shinn road. It looked a little better crossing the 210:

and through the Heights:

and a lot better when i go to the dam:

I took at break at Mt Baldy road:

I took a break in Claremont when I saw this sign:

I stopped at the coffee shop for a break and some good natured ribbing before proceeding on :


it was still threatening when I rolled back to it's grind:

I also did some celebrating, as I bought a new cell Phone without the old one breaking first. I got a LG Vortex, which happened to cost me $50 (plus a two year contract with Verizon. I took a photo for a review of my new helmet(which I may post):

not bad for 3.5 mp.It;s an android phone. I have to get with times. I mean I do have a priest who reads his sermon notes on a Iphone. :) I even managed to make a call on it. Now to get the mobile hotspot working (Must resist the Ipad and Samsung Galaxy tab that is calling my my name)
so, what's it like to be this old? I'm not sure, other than it brings Perspective. I was think of the lyrics from Glibert O'sullivan "when I was Gay" which has a different connotation now than in 1972. Speaking of the modern meaning:

Most of my writing work this week was doing research. I've done some updating on my Cape Girardeau story, and will be probably review my other drafts this week. Part of it that I usually the train to do my writing, and I had to drive in several times this week. Probably will be the same next week, but then I'm going to back in Cape next weekend. Maybe one of these day I pay one of those editors who advertise in the Back of Writer's Digest to beat the Living daylights out of one of drafts....

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sick day

I met my Friend from Pennsylvania, Mark. He had flown to visit his in -laws.
We were going to do the Santa ana river trail. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.
Put I have my cell phone:
From Cell phone
Quack, quack, quack:
From Cell phone
Monster Truck Rally TONIGHT!!! Think I'll wait for spring training:
From Cell phone
Mark at Newport burger:
From Cell phone
and the Beach (with Catalina island in the distance:)
From Cell phone
From Cell phone
we loafed a bit coming back. when we got to green river, Mark wanted to know where he could get something to eat. I pointed all the stuff at Green river and mentioned the steep climb. His rental bike had a 53-39 double and 12-21 straight block cassette. We went to Keno's instead.
And today I have a cold. so no riding today

Sunday, February 06, 2011

How a half inch became a mile

I did our usual club ride. It was retro day:

You'll also notice the Elliptgo in the background. some Folks had to take a test ride:

And it's still winter here

and at Big Bear:

stopped by the old Biane Winery:

before heading out to bentup in North Hollywood for sopme new bearings, which didn't fit. While I was there, I got a Call from Comp Edge, informing me they had sold my Roubaix. Yippee! I bought a new bag, and went back to Rancho to pick up my money.
When I was there, I had them look at my helmet - it had cracked. so it was time for a new LAS Isotrion. and my wheels? they had used set in the right size that used standard bearings. I still had some money after all goodies:

Today I took my new bag out on my other bike. I had put new tires on it, and had not re done the setting on the bike Computer. By the time I got to church, it was off by by a mile. oops! I did a rollout (measured the circumfrence when mounted), and it was off by half inch, hence the title of this post
I did some research today (Primarily ordering things on Amazon) and some writing. I'll leave you a pic of Mt Baldy: