Tuesday, October 30, 2007

so, what would Jesus ride?

I was thinking about Bruce's Post and the what would Jesus drive? campaign.
So what would Jesus. Bruce makes a good point with the Rivendell, and you could even make a case for my old Cannondale. After all, he is very concerned with social Justice things. And a Carbon
"racer boy" bike sounds an awfully lot like what the Pharisee would ride.
This verse came to me on the train.
Hmm.. what kniod of bike would cause such divison? maybe this one? after all, This isn't really our home, and recumbents do cause a furor among "serious" cyclists.
but doesn't the old saw say "be in the world, but not of the world"(hep, Cuz, I need the verse :)). Maybe a 'bent isn't really in the world.
So what's the answer? I don't know. I 'm thinking of the portraits of Jesus in the church where I grew up. I always refer to them as "Nordic Jesus" and "Celtic Jesus". Not many blondes and redheads in the middle east, is there?
And that's the rub. The world intrudes and discolors our portrait of him. The problem is finding that still, small voice.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Handmade in the USA?

If you're into bicycling, you might recognize that as a company's slogan
So yeah my bike's are made by workers who are fairly paid, too. it's just there not made out of steel. And the cost wasn't bad.
Let's expound on theme. I had to buy a new wheel for the R1000, It was assembled here in RC, so it's American, right? But what about the rim (Australia), spokes(Switzerland) , or hub and gears (Japan). And which is a more American car, a Honda built in Ohio, a Chevy built in Mexico, or my car a Ford built in Michigan, but designed in Germany?
So yes, simplicity is good, but at times it's hard to find.
Burce I like your bible passage . we had this one. We use the lectionary, so we can't pick and choose. wonder why one of those guys the devil would have a harder time with, the Pharisee or the Publican?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

simply Complex

I've been thinking on this, especially since I admitted to admiring St. Francis and a life of simplicty. Then Bruce started e-mailing theological questions.
But Bruce rides a Rivendell. if read the sales pitch, then everything was bliss back during the 70's, right?
I'll agree that American Bicycle market is overly marketed to the "wannabee" racer types. but if you look at their prices. not quite so simple, eh?
I was thinking that maybe it's part of the neo-retro trends that automakers seem to be indulging in. an som of these seem to in the same market as Rivendell, - look at the Nissan Figaro or Mitsuoka
Can't be help but be struck by the paradox of simple, but complex you tried being marketed to , but wind buying the message that speaks to you. Life's a mess, eh?
The answer is really that we're listening to the world, instead of the still, small voice.

Monday, October 22, 2007

why do bad things happen to good people

My church is having a study group on the book "encountering evil". I had meant to attend, but got too busy.
Anyways, yesterday, I was out for a ride. The City Of Fontana, had done some construction on one of perm routes. and I wanted to make sure it was still rideable.
However, yesterday, was the Start of the Santa Ana season. I almost gor blown over on the Pacific electric trail , but kept on going. It got a little better ion Etiwanda, but I thought I saw a dust devil as I went under the 15 at Victoria.
Then I had a flat. which was good, beacuase the dust devil turnef into this.
So, some times , the lesser evil stops us from encoutering a greater evil.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

so ,what is sin?

I was thinking about this.
Recently some one posted something on bikejournal.com. I was first to respond, and noticed that the poster had used some word definitely not associated with "Family Friendly", not mention that the poster was a member of the international Christian Cycling Club. while the post has been clean up , it got me thinking about the emails Bruce841 and I have been exchanging. To quote Bruce "I think that, like the man born blind in John 9, we have to see Jesus for who he really is, and trust him. John 14:6

Jesus asks the same question of his friends, "Who do you say I am?"

I think discerning and following are the essence of living the Christian life, but not soteriologic in nature. Once a person has the indwelling presence, they are able to yield to Him and filled with that Spirit."
So if we have the indwelling spirit, then why do do fall into sin like Paul? If god is with us, then he should prevent this, right?
On reflection, part of it is that we are too stubborn to listen. It does take a lot to hear that still, small voice calling, especially when the world has a megaphone.
Now to medtitate.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Notita, Assenus, Fidiciua

Recently, Bruce841 from Bikejournal.com left a note on my blog. Today he e-mailed me with this:

Hope this day finds you well. So, what do you think a person needs to know in order to have saving faith? What did the malefactor who hung beside Jesus know? What about Luther's construct of "noticia, assensus, fiducia?"
What do you think?


so looked this notitia, Assenus, Fiducia up. and did some research.

here's what I cam up with:
Brain hurts.... :)
Sounds Corny, but knowing Christ is the Son of God is all The notita required. You ever find curious that Luke is only Gospel author that has the criminal praising Jesus? Matthew and Mark have both of them cursing Jesus.
back to the subject at hand
assenus - I would intrepid that as Following God's Lead. It not so much invite god into our lives,(also bad theology) but asking God what we can do for him.
Fiducia - As children of God, we're invited to set up God's kingdom here:
familiar, but not?, and it's dependent on the other two (we have to accept Christ , and then be willing to discern his will and follow..)
Not bad, first time I had ran across that!
Reminds me of a newsboys song, reality. hard but easy.
Sometimes you have to be a fool in the world's eyes

Sunday, October 14, 2007

good things happen to those who wait..

I decided to do a 200K brevet this morning. I drove down to San Diego , and it was drizzling all the way down. I had looked at the weather forecast before leaving, and it looked like it would clear off, Wrong!
I go to the start location right at the start time(the trolley stop in Old Town), I needed to use the bathroom real bad.... Unfortunately, they were all locked!
So I started out. I found a quickie mart and used theirs. I had though about going in the woods, but I really need to use some toilet paper to ensure a comfortable ride
I pedaled past Mission bay and then got on what has to be the world's worst bike path. Trees root growing through the pavement, blind curves, a Homeless encampment under a bridge, plus it ended in a flight of stairs
Sound like fun? Did I mention the weather forecast said the rain would end? well instead it started pouring. I was pretty miserable and thought about turn around.
The rain finally started to let up at Oceanside. Going through Camp Pendleton, I started to met ride from an MS150 going the other way. I got out of the base and rode the old 101/coast Highway to San Clemente. where The control and turnaround was at a Carl's Jr(think Hardee's if you're in the Midwest or East Coast). Most Carl's have a mexican sub-menu. I had a burrito platter (had to get my much Frijloes for the way back . It reminded for an Auto shop that I used to live by that claimed to specialize in Foreign and Domestic Autos, I always wanted to my car by - as at the time I had a Mercury built in Mexico with an Australian body and a Japanese engine.
Anyway, the way back!
The weather was clear.
I rode a places called Swami's . it's named after an Indian guru who had a Taj-mahol like palace built for him in the 1930's
I stopped at a 7-eleven in Encitas to refuel, and Finally Came to my nemesis, The Torrey Pines climb.
It gains about 500 feet in about a miles. I tried a little game. The climb is bit deceiving , as it has a sharp curve about halfway up, just enough to demoralize you. So , i kept that mind, and tried to conserve my effort, and I was up it no time. and no let down rounding that curve.
It was downhill the rest of the way. I did a victory loop of Fiesta island and turned in my card. This got me over 6,000 miles for the year and I'm now eligible for the R-1000 (1000 kilos in Randonees in a single year.
Finished off the day by watching the Thunderbirds perform at the Miramar air show
Today, I skipped church(yes, my bad) and did a ride with some ladies from Team Estrogen . We did a loop around Griffith Park.
So ,what do these have in common? I had thought trying to pull off a Team E ride here for a while, but wasn't if everyone wanted to come out here. And I creatian wasn't reaching Thunderbird speed going up Torrey Pines. As as a matter of Fact, I did it slower. But I made without taking a break!
I think we caught up in the "get it now" and fail to realize that Life's(and God) is more about thise small, slow moments...
Now to work on that Fleche cue sheet....
Here's hoping you find the off ramp to the Freeway of Life.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The pray of Jabez and Coherence

I've been the bible a chapter a day, I'm in Chronicles, and ran across the Prayer Of Jabez. I'm sure you're familiar with this little Ditty. if not, follow the link. What struck me was how out of place it seemed. Chronicles is largely a Story of how Israel and Judah became failed states under a Monarchy. I like to that a typical passage is "King Whosit was the most evil in the history of Israel. He led his people into abominable sin, and put Asherah poles on every street corner. He ruled for a year, and was assassinated by his son Whatshisname, who was even more. Fun reading, isn't it?
So , what do we make of this bright spot in a Doom and Gloom book? You could ague that the Chronicler was show that god would prosper those who are faithful to him. And I think that this is what the author had in mind. If you look at the few time when the Kingdoms had Faitful leadership they prospered, otherwise, it's pretty much gloom and doom.
And Jabez really asking for the proverbial Mercedes-Benz? once again, the passage by itself does seem to lend itself does seem to endorse the "prosperity gospel" . But what's meant by "enlarging my territory"? Maybe Jabez was asking for more responsibility, not more wealth ( I'm thinking of today's Gospel reading.)
I've always been taught that Gospel should have a high degree of coherence. And while at first, it does seem wildly out of place, it does fit in the Grand Scheme of things

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Plan has a name...

You may recall that I've been reading Tom and Chirstine Sine's Living on purpose: Finding God's Best for Your Life.
Well I got stuck on the mission statement. Which is sorta key. Until a couple of Nights ago, when doing some contemplative prayer and it came in.
Re-imagining God's word for New Media(or worlds, I 'm still wait for guidance there)
Now , some of you may be getting stuck on the re-imagining part. After all, isn't God's word unchanging? (you may want to start reading Walter Brueggemann if think you so). No, that isn't quite what I had in mind.
If you hang around the 'net a lot (which I assume your do, you are reading this blog, no?), and particularly if you work in IT, you'll term web 2.0 bandied about. It refers to blog, forums, and social networking. It occurs to me that I've really seen very little of it done from mainline-liberal Christian perspective. And I do have some ideas that would fit in, Granted I've still got more to learn, both Christ-wise and Tech-wisem, but It helps to know where you going before you get there.
Another thing I'm doing is that I'm preparing for admission to the Daughters of the King. It's hard to describe what it is . I'll say it's a lay religious order, but that'll probably conjure up images of a Habits and rulers and celibacy(I didn't spend ten years working for Catholic orders for nothing). so, don't start calling me "Sister Jana" yet.
Well not quite, we do agree to abide by a rule of life (or this). and it's not as hard as it sounds.
Basically, our rule (I've been at this for two years) is composed of rule of prayer and a rule
of service. you may have guessed the service part of my rule, and i'm already on the prayer rule.
And as far as the "sister" , you never know. I can recall hearing the small voice on meeting some folks in orders, and I've always felt drawn to Francis Of Assisi. Of growing up close by the St Francis River and
the St Francois Mountains probably
I may do some blogs on DOK as I get closer to admission.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Try, Try again

As you may know , I tired to do my own perm in heat of july , and gave up.
Today, I tried my other route.
I rode over to the coffee shop, got a diet coke , and started on my way to riverside., pretty much the same route as the other perm.
Cruised down Mission Blvd into Downtown Rubidoux, past Mt Rubidoux, the Mission Inn, and UCR before Climbing up to Alessandro Blvd
When I got to Moreno valley and Alessandro blvd, I turned east instead of west. Here's a pic from the first rest stop:

I remembered RaleighDon from BikeJournal.com's advice about Payday bars, so I got one. Soon I was out of Moreno Valley and had this awesome view of the Badlands.

and a lake:
Gliman Springs Road wasn't too bad except for the traffic. The only real problem is a place called Golden Era Productions. While it sound like a run of the mill move studio, it's actually the wold headquarters for the Church of Scientology. It is very pretty, but they have security cameras all over the place. Apparently, the last guys who did the got turned away by the CHP due to a protest. Needless to say I didn't take very many. Here's a good article.

This is one from further down the down the road:

I Then went through the Soboba Indian reservation. They have a very nice Golf course(at least I think it's theirs) and De Rigeur casino
here's the San Jactino river. I've never seen it with water in it:

I stopped in Hemet at the 7-eleven. I had a burrito, a quart of chocolate milk, and another payday!
Here's the train station:

I went back to Riverside via the Romona expressway.If you've done the Hemet double or single centurys, you've done this road here's a picture of the Bernasconi Hills.

I went thourgh Mead Valley and my next control was at a Ralphs supermarket. They were out of paydays, so I had to settle for a baby Ruth. Darn!
I was soon on one of my favorite streets, Victoria Street in Riverside:
My next control was at Circle K in Corona. Strange things were not afoot, and my two most excellent friends, Bill and Ted, were nowhere to be found.
I then did the long climb back to Cucamonga.
I've gotten some grief from folks about having a control two miles from the end. I did it because the direct rout takes you past Ontario Mills Mall. I stopped and picked a Payday(what else?)
I was going to get a latte when I got back but I decided to get a Diet coke and home.
... and whose say forums are a waste of time?
Total miles 140 Total time 11 hours (I rode from home)