Thursday, November 22, 2007

The fall into Grace

Well Last Saturday, I was trucking down Summit in North Fontana doing about 20 MPH, when BAM! I was was on the ground. It looks the developer hadn't paved the street right, and Of course I hit the joint just right..
So, I haven't been on the bike the bike snice. I may get back on in a week or two.
This, of Course, got me thinking(doesn't take much, you know) It seem like Biking has taken a big role in my life, like almost too big of role. Since we had thick morning fog last Saturday. I almost stayed home, I've been meaning to do some quite time in line with spiritual exercises for discernment.
So today, I went to Eucharist and I'm doing meditation till the sun goes down. and I'm not missing the bike.
although I've been thinking that all the "competition" on the web sites has really sucked the fun out of biking.
So starting in2008, I'm not going to do any of the "metric of the week" contests, and you''ll probably be able to read my bike journal (yes, I'll still log my miles, in a private manner.)
So yes, I did fall into Grace!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

what do you want to do?

I was thinking about this on the drive home last night. I did not get home until about 10:40.
I could check my e-news ,or pray. In the end, I did both, but didn't ride this morning.
So, I choose what I wanted. Or did it choose me? I know I've got some ambitious plans, but it's Really about putting first things first. but we're human (should have prayed and ridden my bike)
So, what Do you want?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Is simpler better?

I thought of this on the train in today. a little detour here
I had refactoring yesterday. One of the way some place try and improve their code via performance enhancement. That taking and existing application(Like in refactoring) , and making it run faster(versus in refactoring, where the object is to make the codes intent more clear).
So which path is better? each has its place, but at the same time I'm still debating which has its place in my prayer project.
One of thing I started doing is making a to-do of my "Godly" inspired tasks. Got lots to do, so I may let go until the next post
PS I like the KISS philosophy, so I think you can guess which side I'm on.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm offical

Spent a Busy day today becoming a member of Daughters of the King.
But, it was good.
I had meant to post more on prayer, but didn't.
I was thinking on how much there on the 'net and thee real world about what to prayer for, but how little resources there is on how to pray, it's like we as Christians are all members of the parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility in Lake Woebegone and all our children are above average(yes, I like wikipedia)
So maybe I'm on the right track. I'm also a be big fan of CQI, and in the computer world, what called refactoring, both approaches, in mind, say that even if some works just fine, you should be striving to make things better. If you boss isn't happy with just good enough, why do think God should be?
To me, a rule of Prayer should cover these basics:
1 Confession, as humans, we are not perfect, I'm always reminded of this passage from 1 john I actually like the NRSV version the best , but I can't find it on the net (darn Copyright laws!)
2. Praise. - everyday is a gift, and we should be appreciative.
3. Intercession. I suspect this i where most be people spend their time, trying to God to do what they want. (hint: try the other way around)
4. Discernment- what may be called waiting for God to speak, or trying to discern his word to us. Hard stuff but rewarding. If you don't make to read scripture on a daily basis, I'd urge you to. A chapter a day won't take you that long. and it is hard in our culture to surrender an hour of quite time
I'm going to try and go in to more mere detail when I have time, but let start with the basics
Find a comfortable place. I don't think you have to kneel and wear hair shirts, but I also don't think you pray'n'drive either.
Time is important. We talk about giving a tenth of income to our congregation/parish, but have thought about giving a tenth of your time? I try and shout for an hour or two of God time a day. It gets to be a challenge, but so is any endeavour worth doing.
Bicycling related: I seem to wound in the middle of RalieghDon - Pansy "war: I did tow metric last weekend, I actually made good time on Saturday, and I was even working as a ride marshal at the Tour De Foothills

Thursday, November 08, 2007

The circle of prayer

One of the thing That I've been investigating is what I call "prayer metrics". That how do we quantify what we pray about? I know, it's a real slippery slope. But I was looking at more from my experiences at sites like , where people use their stats to encourage and motivate each other, and how I could translate that into prayer without going off the deep end.
I'' admit I'm not an expert on all form of prayer, I knew that the Catholics had various devotional prayers such as the rosary.
doing some research on the rosary, I ran across Anglican Prayer Beads, so I ordered a set.
I wound getting them from a group of Episcopal Hermits in Texas. You'' remember that I've been contemplating the religious life? I'm not quite sure my current calling as I understand allows me to be hermits, but you do have to be open to the call.
more Later, time to go to to work. I woke up to late to go bike riding, so decided to put the time to good use,

Monday, November 05, 2007

Veni , Vedi, Vomiti

Well, I did go to bar Camp, I went to two or three session, had a blast, but my nose and something in place did not agree, which was a shame, since the two session I wanted to attend, one by my friend, Donna, and one by Richard Stallman and actually they were both speaking at the same time. Some times you can't have what you want

Friday, November 02, 2007

be careful what you ask for......

I think you'll remember that I got my idea for my mission statement a few posts back.
Well, I've also been working on my resume. Not that I'm going anywhere, but It's something I like to do. I was going to run it by a recruiter friend today, but he had to cancel.
so he told about barcamp, and the one in Los Angeles. In the tone of "it'll be good of you to come".
So Now, Ive got to make sense out of my weekend without it turning in to too much work. It's a short weekend, which means I shouldn't really be blogging. And I've got Church duties on Sunday, so I can't camp out.
But how does this fit in with our plan? Well, remember I thought was being called to check out the "web 2.0" stuff for a possible Christian slant? And what falls in to my lap?
see you Sunday. Maybe I'll get a a ride in.