Monday, August 27, 2012

another state down

I decided to add connecticut to my list this weekend Sunrise on the Thruway: All bent up: Made it: Turn around in Simsbury: Back to Romney land and a visit to the nearest bent shop in Turners Falls, ma:

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last of the Mohicans

This saturday, I did the warren county bikeway: It's a rail trails , but its roots go deeper, as it follows the old Miltary road between glens falls and Lake George. This road is a setting in James Fenimore Cooper's Last of the Mohicans: Today, the road is much more sedate, it's also much more touristy: I did arrive at my destination, Lake George: There's also a replica of Fort William Henry there as well: You can also take a cruise: The train station has some nice details as well: back to Glens falls: I wound up the day by doing the Hudson Falls feeder trail: before headinng for home

Sunday, August 12, 2012

dodging the rain

I wasn'r sure wether to ride yesterday, but i decided to head out to UAlbany. The Dunn Bridge is under construction:
From 2012-08-11
Vietnam Vetran's Memorial at Empire State Plaza:
From 2012-08-11
When Empire State Plaza was built, The architects told the govenor he could save $10 million by using brick instead of marble. He reportedly thundered "Rockefeller's don't build in brick!"
From 2012-08-11
I like that he has his head turned towards you: Ghost bike: U Albany at last: The Giants had played in Jacksonville the night before, so no celebrity spotting: back to the plaza and the WWII memorial. This is where it started to run , so I headed home:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The female Elivs

No, I'm not talking about Jacqueline Feilich, although she is quite good. How about: despite the fact that the most of the artists we remember from the beginning of rock'n roll, there were still a lot of womens were recording that kind of music. Sam Phillips and sun had tried several times, here with Jean Chapel: and Barbara Pittman: and then there's Wanda Jackson, who's more like the Female Jerry Lee Lewis(she's still going strog at 78):

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Dewey or Huey?

Yesterday, I went to the city to see a musical. Unlike last time, I drove to Pougkeepsie: and took the MTA/Metro-North Down. I need to do the Walkway over the Hudson one day(the bridge in the background): The station is quite nice: The car is well. Reminds of the Old New Jersey Transit cars LA Metrolink bought from the scrap metal dealer: and we're off! West Point: Most of the folks on the train were Yankees fans. It was fairly empty after this stop: And I can know say I've been to Harlem: Grand Central: I had about 2 hours to spare, so I walked to the Shubert, and had lunch at Mickey d's around the corner: and at last: The video does a better job of summarizing than I can: and here's a couple of The Real Dewey: Of course, I was more struck with the curtain being the Harahan Bridge (The musical is set before Elvis). It was a good time. It ended all too soon and I was soon on my way back to Albany. Here is the Tappan Zee Bridge: Today is the last run on Broadway. I had hoped to see it later, but decided to go ahead and see it when I had the chance. You see, I've started writing writing a piece of fiction based on the first few months of Elvis' career and his love of Gospel. The first chapter goes before the Writer's guild critque group on Wednesday. Hopefully, I've got it right and write. As I was think how thing have changed. The one time when they (the cast) used the N-word), the audience gasped. Yes, My relatives used a lot. Some of this may have to with that audience (I did really feeling like the feeling in an Oreo), and the culture has changed. The other thing that struck was the music. Yes, the Shubert could have toned the volume a notch, but not had it changed, but the way we hear it has, too. I was listening to WROW (The Albany oldies station) coming back and was struck by the difference what you poick up on 850AM and the more pristine stuff coming out of your Ipod/MP3 player. Anyway, we can't go back in time, unless we close our eyes and do make-believe, which I probably need to do some tonight. Got to wrap up Chapter 2. All I 've got to do is follow that dream: Maybe I'll get to see it when it opens again at the Orephum in April 2013

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

The prayer table

One of the things I've been doing helping staff the prayer table My chruch runs every Wedenesday: We sit outside the Catherdral(we're right downtown, across the steet from the Capitol) and ask passers-by if they need prayer: Some do stop. Most just walk by or try and discretely cross the street(Yes, I saw you.) Most of the time we just talk. This is "buddy" for the day, Deacon Sue Plaske: Not a bad to spend lunch