Sunday, August 28, 2011

The big Drive

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I'm ready to start my new job, with plenty of terror, as I'm now 3000 miles from my furniture.
One of the thing about doing Univac work is that you usually wind relocating when you change jobs. Granted this is a bit extereme.
I did get here early to take a look at some places to live, but a lady named Irene showed up in Albany. always terrifying.
Hopefully, I won't lose my furniture (it's cheap. been there. done that)
Let's see where I'm at next week

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Up in the air

Well, they good news is I have an offer. maybe. More to come there.
The past couple of Weeks have seen me on a house keeping frenzy. I've lept the goodwill folks busy, bit not much to do but send the resumue out and keep on networking.
I was going to go out on a bike ride with the club, when I had a blowout @ 30 mph. I managed to survive with just some minor rash.
Need a tire:
From 8-20-2011
how about a pair of shorts?

Btw, no road rash on the ol' derriere. I also trashed a pair of gloves. I managed to boot the tire and ride home. I have some spare 650 tires here, so that was easy.
not much to do but hope:

until next time,

Saturday, August 13, 2011

if it wern't for bad luck....

Well today, I broke my seat frame:

Thankfully, I was able to borrow the one off the Giro (want to buy a bacchetta Giro real cheap? Have I got deal for you!)
anyway, the Week has been fun, and thrilling. Filling out form, talking to recuiters, all that jazz. Where do I want to go next?
Well, that's not really my decision, Granted, I do have some control, but you must play the hand you're dealt.
You recall me babbling on about Vincennes? well, those feeling are still with me. This has played havoc, but at the same time, it's opened some windows:

My usual view when I'm typing away.
Only this week I was busy listening to Loreena Mc Kennitt and thought it was snowing outside:

nope, Maybe it was that still small voice telling me to follow. The Journey is mine to make, but not to command

Maybe I need a discernment class.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

the dreadful phone call

Friday was supposed to be a big day, as it was kavin Unck's birthday, and several of us were going to do a century in his honor:
From 8-5-2011
I had a little issue getting over the hills in Pomona, Kevin's wife liesel pulled me back:
From 8-5-2011
We were soon on the Santa Ana:

and the PCH

before heading on the San Garbier, where I got a not -so nice phone call: I've been fired.
Needless to say , I didn;t feel like a 100 that day, so I rode to Baldwin park and took the metrolink back:

actually Whitter narrow dam
So another Journey begins, where it leads, I do not know