Sunday, June 30, 2013

40 days and 40 nights

Well, at least it seems like it's been raining for that long. Last morning looked like a break, so off I went: The Depot at Crescent Hadn't washed away: and neither had the falls, but it was a lot more water than normal: Had a donut for Don: and took a tour of the Port of Albany: Wind Turbine blades from GE: and a Caboose: I then rode past the Ghost bike on my way home: Today, it was supposed to rain in the afternoon, which it did. The only fatality was a Beaver dam. "I wanted to use oak wood, but you said to use pine. Easier to gnaw. Now look at the mess you've gotten us in to!")

Monday, June 24, 2013

Oh My God, what Did I sign up for?

Well, it was a Busy couple of days. I did go out for a bike ride: and wound up In downtown Cohoes: Before Heading home: I got talked into going to a Pre-ordination class, and then I had to go to a funeral. Oh Boy, what did I ever agree to? Maybe there's still time to back out. Let's see where the Lord leads on that one. Sunday, I went out for a brief ride over to Joe Bruno Stadium: Before heading over to the Western Turnpike Golf Course for The Bishop Ball Golf Tournament, where I was a hole watcher. What is a hole watcher? See this nice Rav 4: and this Lovely hole? Well, If some one were to make a hole in one shot, I was to award them the car. I spent most of the day working on my book, which involved make sense of the lectonary reading for the 19th Sunday after Penetecost, 1954. I think I wrote some of the readings down wrong. No one won the car, which was good, as there was no service in the prayer book for awarding it: Lord, we thank thee for causing the ball to hook most fortuitously and beg thine divine mercy for wrapping the nine iron around the bush on the seventh hole.... Until next week (Hopefully, a less hetic weekend

Monday, June 17, 2013

Day Late

Well, it was muddy: and I hadn't fixed the spoke on the bent, so I took the other bike out. Here's an old canal: Cohoes fall is really Going strong: and I had a break: Looks like I need to do laundry:

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Plan B

I started out on the recumbent, and went over the bridge: Well, I broke a spoke on the Dunn Bridge, so I headed back home under the bridge: and got my other bike. The floodwater were still going: and I had to make a detour: Before taking a break: and running across a big dog: City Seal: and I wandered down to the port of Rensselaer:

Sunday, June 02, 2013

A Day with Elvis

Since i'm busy writing a Book about Elvis Presley's early career, I was interested when I learned there was a Elvis Festival in nearby Lake George: That would be pretty much everyone here Here he is: no wait: This really getting confusing: The Festival was held in a Hockey arena: Look who I ran into: The professionals went first: I stayed for about 2 hours, and then went to village in search of lunch: And who did I find? Randy Mancini: Then I went on a cruise: and found Ted Torres Then I went back to the Forum. It was amateur hour (no Band, This is Debbie Knight aka "Lady E" Some were good, and some were a deep voice, a Bottle of Clariol, and a jumpsuit. I went to supper at the same place, and guess what. No , not that Sam Calleri: and back to the Forum: The Festival Folks had brought all 6 men who have won the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist contest that is held as part of Elvis Week in Memphis. This night we had Cody Slaughter as the young elvis: Ben Portsmouth as the '68 Comeback: and Shawn Klush as the 72 aloha Concert: and the real one These guys are good! One thing that stuck out for me was the Guitars Cody and Ben used. Elvis record the great majority of his work with a Gibson J-200 They both had Look-alikes to the "King"'s beloved guitar. Most of the folks just sang. The only other artist that I can recall playing the guitar, who was using a electric. It was interesting. I would have much preferred to see more of the young Elvis, as that is my subject matter, but the community seem fairly heavily focused on the 70's Elvis, But that won't stop me from going back. Until next week, Follow that Dream!