Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Life in a sling

Well, it’s been a while.
On the 12th, I fell while I was in a pace line on the Santa Ana Trail. I’m not going to get in to the dynamics; aside from there was probably enough stupidity to go around. Wound h up fracturing my Humerus. Has to drive myself back to San Antonio Hospital in Upland. Currently, my left Arm is in a sling. It supposed to take 6 weeks. I’ve been doing walking to keep with the exercise. Tried riding a stationary bike, but that didn’t work.
Computer stuff – I’ve been leaving the laptop at home. It’s less stuff to lug on and off the train. And I haven’t been to type with it on a desk. I may try using as a laptop tonight and see how it goes, I’ve been back at studying my SCJP stuff. Haven’t touched my other Java stuff or the fiction.
Speaking of Java and writing, I got an e-mail from a headhunter, He noticed that I knew Java and COBOL, and could writing. He was looking a for a tech writer, but My résumé is fairly outdated. I’ll be working on it the weekend

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Half a bear

bear is 6700)
WE did something a little different We met and carpooled up to Big Bear Lake. We then rode around Big Bear and Baldwin Lake. It was lot cooler , due to the elevation (Cucamonga is 1200 feet and big bear is 6700) Very gorgeous! The ride started OK with some climbing through big bear city. We soon crossed the bridge and rode around the north shore (Same as a I did on Ride around the bear) We then continued past the turn off for RAB, and continued on to Baldwin Lake . We had a regroup. After that we were off again. Came around Baldwin, and found the turn to go to Onyx Summit. Some of us went back to the cars, and other went up to Onyx. I , of course, went to Onyx. Some of the slower riders got lost and wound up trying the road to Onyx as well. I Think I surprised some of the "Big Dogs" by making it up to summit as fast as I did. It's an 8 mile, 1700 foot climb. I was felling pretty good, too. Of course, not riding my bike form Redlands (50 mile and 5700 feet) helped a lot! Unfortunately, no one was there to document my accomplishment, as the other had already started down.
going downhill was a blast. Max speed was 46.9 mph! Then I had to navigate through the Traffic Jams in Big Bear City. Had to stop and let a Ambulance get to a Motorcycle -car crash :( . I managed to get lost on the return and had call some one for directions. Great Ride! and Pasta for lunch!