Saturday, June 30, 2007

Meeting God in the Ice Cream isle at Albertson's

I was shopping for groceries last night. when I looking at ice cream bar's Carly Simon's The Stuff that dream are made of started playing. As the regular readers know, I've been dealing with Discernment issues, and my aborning(stillborn?) mission statement. I really felt that the lyrics were saying something to me. I left like I was in a Episode of Joan of Arcadia
So what does it say? On the surface, it's a "stand by your man" song. but, as befits a member of the Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Communion, let's dig a little deeper
Remember when I posted about looking at the Lord's Prayer in a whole new light? One of Tom and Christine Sine's is that we are called to create God's kingdom here - not in some post-rapturous world. I'm also thinking about the "Prosperity Gospel".
Too often we overlook that God is really in charge here - we just make a mess out of things. Then, we seem that what we think is best for our lives is the same as what God thinks. Surprise! So, one of things that I've been doing is listening for that still small voice to see what somebody else's ideas are and remembering that to gain one's life , you must first lose it.
And above all , don't worry! it's all for the best

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

the dream of the pink gloves

I have been my confirmation gift,Prayer on wings: a search for authentic prayer BY Carolyn Stahl Bohler.
I tried her "piggy who had none" approach of mediating and letting your mind wander. Strangely, what came into view was a pair of pink gardening gloves I had bought. I tried to form a connection with a aborning mission statement, but could not. Although think tonight, maybe it has to do with ecological concerns. I've just bought a set of reusable grocery bags(much recommended) and have been replace my regular bulbs with Compact Florescents.Of course I've also been thinking about consumerism and Christianity. Maybe I've been reading too many forums with topics like "i just bought (insert insanely expensive item here)!!!!!!!!". But then again, where did I got find a link for gloves? :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My first JUG

Or Java User's Group
Actually, it wasn't. I had been to the Harrisburg JUG and the LAJUG, but this was first meeting for the San Gabriel Valley JUG, of which Moi is the leader.
I got to the library early and got everything set up. waited around for what seemed like forever, and finally had a good crowd, I had honestly only expected 10 peope, and had about 20. The only thing was David Noble, who was supposed to the presenter, was not there on time. H showed up about 5 minutes late.
Dave's presentation was excellent, Gareth Chan from Tek Systems ordered some pizza, and everyone had a good time. Plans were made for even more meetings :) Yea!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Get a Perm on your bike and lose your identity

Now, Most of you thinking a perm is something you get at the Hair Salon, right?
Randonuerrs USA (RUSA) has a class of rides called permanents. They're like Brevets, only except you can do them at any time. The gang from got me in to trying to go for the R-12 medal(one brevet a month for a year). I signed up for the coastal cruise , which goes from Old Town San Diego to Laguna Beach. I needed to do at least 200K to qualify, and this was 230K .
I work up early , and drove down to San Diego. I made a brief side trip to 6th Street next to Balboa park to see if the apartment building that my Mom and Dad lived in during the Korean conflict was still there. it wasn't. I found that Gas Station that was the start of the Control. I had to drive a mile to park my car at the Trolley station. I then rode back, bought something from the Shell, and started out.
If you've done the Orange County Wheelmen's Amtrak Century, you've seen the route. I went by Mission Bay, and the UCSD campus, and got to do down Torrey Pines road (whee!). I was passed by all the fast roadies and triathletes doing the Swami's Ride. I was in Oceanside in no time. So far so good.
I stopped at the gate for Camp Pendleton and showed the Marine my ID. The next 6 miles were thruough the base. after that , I rode on the closed 101 higway through San Onofre State Beach. I stopped at a Bagel Shop in San Celemente and had lunch.
The only real problem I had was in Dana Point . the cue sheet had and error in it. I figured it out, but then I had to a climb on Pacfic Coast Highway(PCH), a Busy highway. and this section did not have any bike lanes! I had some rollers on this section
I got to the bike shop in Laguna beach that was the turn around point and discovered that I had lost my ID! . I looked there, but no deal, I also stopped by the bagel shop, but they didn't have it. I should have thought and seen if the Marines had a lost and found, but I decided to take the alternative to going through the base : Riding on the shoulder of Interstate 5. I had a still, small voice telling me to do this going north. But what's done is done. There was a traffic jam, so for a brief period, I was the fastest vehicle on the freeway!. I got off in Oceanside, and got stuck in a traffic jam on coast highway. I found the side streets and got going again. I was going to take pics on the way back, but I was more concered with my loss.
The ride is really easy back until Torrey Pines at mile 130. It's about a mile and half of 8% grade. I actually made it up without having to stop! I then took it easy on the downhill back to the car. Unforntaly, the space bar that I had been using for my lights broke. Thankfully, the STI cable caught it before it fell to the street
Yesterday, I had a sinus infection, so I didn't beyond calling the DMV and requested a duplicate ID.
what did I learn? Sometime it's hard for us to listen to the still, small voice. But, it's usually at those time that God is closest to us.
until Later,

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Going Beyond the first impression

For whatever reason, I decided to ride my Bike Friday this morning, It's a heavier bike than my Cannondale road bike, and with the 20 inch tires, it's not a speed demon.
The result: I was 1 mph faster!
Goes to show, that at times, putting aside prejudgements is the best thing. I was think about since I'm working on discernment issues in my religious life, and how I work that out may affect the result of my life (hopefully).
Now, to get to work on my mission statement (from God, I am in a Blues Brothers movie?) I've got "to help god create his kingdom on earth", but the rest is a blank.
and yes, I'm back to the blog of the day.

Monday, June 18, 2007

seeming the familar for the first time

I've been reading a book, Living on Purpose: Finding God's best for your life by Tom Sine. It's like The Purpose Driven Life, but without the Fundamentalist Theology.
Anyway, Since I've been re-imagining my life, I've been looking to the bible for inspiration, I've been using The Contemporary English Version, which differs from what you'd normally find. Take Matthew 6:9-13:
You should pray like this:

Our Father in heaven, help us to honor your name.
Come and set up your kingdom, so that everyone on earth will obey you,
as you are obeyed in heaven.
Give us our food for today.
Forgive us for doing wrong, as we forgive others
Keep us from being tempted and protect us from evil.

Copyright © 1995 by American Bible Society.
Quite a bit different from that old King James, isn't it? Sometimes, we do need to look at life through a new lens.
Plagiarizing a Muslim co-worker,
Peace be among you.