Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's cold , Y'all

It was thirty-two when I woke up on Saturday, so no riding. I made Pimento Cheese instead: Nice basic dish(Mayo, Cheddar, and Pimentos), although I probably shouldn't have used the Olove Oil Base Mayo. I headed across the river for My Hair appoinment: Stopped at the bike shop for their sale: Before heading to Massachusetts and the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail: Nice trail, if a little short at 11 miles. End in Adams: Old Factory: so Nice: Today, I have flat that took me an hour to fix. Of course, I was in Troy: It was a pinhc flat, which I've been seeming to get a lot oif lately. May have to confine the recumebent to trail, and keep the 7300 for street duty.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Elvis, your room is ready

Mother was looking for something to place on the Credenza at the Elevator at the Parkview, so I got her something: The only problem was that she called me on Wednesday and let me know it had driven off! posters were placed, and it found its way on the credenza again. It's now in her room. I was going to use Johnny River's "Memphis, Tennessee" for the video, but it was too short. "In the Ghetto" is exactly the right length, and does fit some of neighborhoods I went through. Saturday was gorgeous, so I got in 50 miles on the Mohawk Hudson. Starting out: It was cleanup day, This is at Kiwanis Park in Rotterdam Junction: Old lock 23: Headed Back: Today was much colder and windier, so I stay close to home and only did 25. I Really liked the 200 I had as a rental in Memphis. so much so, I went to the dealer and had a look. Will I be like Ememin?

Friday, April 20, 2012

wheels of time

I took Mother to see the Peabody ducks:
From 2012-04-16
Her first time in about 60 years. In case you're wondering, The Peabody is THE Hotel in Memphis. They have a cadre of trained ducks that swim in the fountain from 11 to 5 every day: Not my best work, I Know. Mother Talked to to duckmaster and reminesced. about the 40's. Anyway, Mother's walker was getting squeaky, and she was slow with it: after much convinicing by the folks at the Parkview and me, she agreed to let me but here one a four wheeled one, wow, what a difference: we went down and sat with the chorchet group: Before I had lunch and headed out to the Airport: Yes, this is a Delta Hub: The big white building is the Parkview: It was overcast until we got to Newark: and finally, Back at Albany: To wind up, we never when we're going to leave this life. I was thinking about the "Million Dollar Quartet" and Sun Record's Stable of Stars. All of them are gone now. Except for one, who back fifty years, every one would probably would have predicted he would have been the first in a grave: And he's still at:

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Return Of lead foot Lingo

I agreed to drive my mother out to where she grew up, about 100 miles east of Memphis. Rolling through the little tow of Moscow, Tennessee, a black Dodge Charger with Flashing blue light pulled in Behind me. 53 in a 40. Will find tomorrow how much the fine is. Anyway, we made it to Selmer and picked up Aunt Mabel Before heading out to Tennessee River and the Catfish Hotel: and since we were there, we went by Shiloh National Military park: And coming back, made a stop at my mom's home town, Ramer. I remember this as my Aunt van and Uncle Alton's house: we had meant to go by the Family Cemetery, but it slipped our mind. Maybe next time

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Riding in Memphis

since I'm down here for the weekend, I rented a car: Chrysler 200. And a Bike: KHS Urban xcape. I rented it from Midtown bike , which is located on South Main. the owner was little, which is excusable with this ride: I started out by riding up to Beale and headed east with my pedals 10 feet off the street: Next was the Sun Studios on Union Ave: and into Midtown on Peabody: A stop for Donald Boothby: I cannot confirm or deny the consumption of Doughnuts. :) Next, let's swing by Mom's Place: And the levitt bandshell. The Memphis Greyhound Rescue club was having a concert. Elvis is probably turning over in his grave at my associating his name with theirs. and then I went back west and past the wreck Of Sears Crosstown: Like almost all tall buildings in Memphis, it's Vacant. Next up was North parkway: And back to the river and the Pyramid, the Tallest Building in Memphis (You guessed it' vacant, but soon to become a Bass pro ahop. Yes, that's not a typo) Confederate Park: and then onto South Main. I remember when they developed this as a Pedestrian mall in the 70's, My Dad and Uncle David took us down here. At 11PM. Coming to back to Uncle David's in Berclair, we were sworn to secrecy on North Parkway around the Zoo. Looks better now: Not all old Hotels in Memphis get to enjoy second lives like the Parkview or the Peabody. This is the Hotel Chisca: Home of elvis' first radio appearance and this one, name lost to time: I stopped and lunch at Memphis' oldest pub, the green beetle: Faded Magnolia, Fried Okra, Catfish, and Collard Greens, Life is good!