Saturday, March 31, 2007


had to lead the short club ride, It was a fairly small turnout. I had none lady was a bit slower, but we hung together and had 22 miles before we knew it. Hung around the coffee shop for bit, then took off. I wen two block, and head a loud "bang" My rear tube went and blew the tire off the rim I took me a while to get the tire soon on my way. I climbed part of th way up Mt. Baldy, and then went and visited a pretty park in La Verne (I didn't see Shirley, though ) we talking on the train about some trees that are bloom right now. I thought from a a distance that they were pink dogwoods, Well, it turn out they weren't Sorry, I didn't have my camera. I then headed home with 63 more miles than when I left

Friday, March 30, 2007

well, I did n't want to do that ride anway.

Due to work , I won't be doing the 400Ok. At least at San Luis Obispso, Still debating what to do next. I could drive up to Davis or Santa Cruz, or out to Phoenix, but with the cost of gas, that may not be wise.
The Good news I do get to spend easter here.
As I said before, lif is usually improvisation, I'm not sure how I'll make lemonade out of this yet.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Taking it slow

One of the thing I've been doing is reading a chapter of the bible at a time. I've actually read it cover to cover three times. The last time , I did it in a year. I thought I was reading to be reading that time, so I slowed, Also, I usually started at Matthew rather than Genesis, since It think the slog through Deuteronomy and Leviticus has doomed many an attempt to read the entire bible. I'm in Deuteronomy. The typical passed is "If your has trampled you neighbor's filed of wheat, bring the priest three perfect doves or one goat, unless it was field of oats..." So on for about 200 pages.
What got me to thinking, is that too often, we want the "good Stuff" with doing the hard work needed to cash, whether it be learning the Jewish law and it failed before we get to the amazing grace, or the 200 miles, 12,00 feet bicycle to get a medal from France. a lot a times life is slog is a slog through drudgery, but if we stop, we can always find the hidden beauty.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

well, I'm officaly insane!

I sent in my registration for the 400K tonight. I still cant believe I did it. It ' probably going to take 24, provided I don't DNF. Yes, I've been looking at Bail points. part of like about Rando riding is it is a blend of mental and physical fitness. yes, I know bike racing is too, but I'm way too slow for that.
On another crazy topic, I've got a week to go before easter. so far, I failed miserably with Potato chips, and the purple wristband broke. I am managing to keep with the blog for my audience.Yeah!
I think it show that some time you have to try something, even if you know you're going to fall on your face. If you read the right books and have faith, someone will always be there to catch you when you fall (yes, I also like Science Fiction, especially Babylon 5).

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Making time for what counts

So how do that? I wanted to update my parish's e-mail list with some info, but blew it, and the list appeared in in box. A lot of tome , we have to figure what it's important and what's not. I 'm still looking at signing up for a monstrously long ride the Saturday before Easter. any other Sunday would be fine (I could pretend I'm orthodox,and celebrate a week later)
I'm still working reply to my new friend, the crazy professor (I Didn't read my new copy of sojourners so I could read his reply) I'm working on "the insane programmer replies to the crazy professor".

Monday, March 26, 2007

Missed a day

I meant to write something about the crazy professor, but time slipped away... I'll get to it.
Taught my java class and came early with a sinus infection, we made it thorugh one book! yeah! and aside from my nose, I feel great!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The longest ride

The longest Ride
Saturday, I did a 300K brevet, That's 190 miles. The longest ride I've ever done.
I drove up to Morro Bay and checked into my Room. When I unpacked I discovered that I had left my reflective vest at home. You're supposed to wear one while riding at dark, and the ride started at 4AM. I went back to San Luis Obipso to look for , but had no luck. I decided to show up and at least do the ride as a “pirate”.
I woke up at 3 and drove to Cayucos . The RBA (Regional brevet Administrator, was fine with t Reflectivity provided by my jacket and Camelbak . At 4, we took off, I rode briefly with my Friend , Bernie Barge. Bernie is planning in doing RAAM (Race Across America) this year, and need to get some training in. We passed Harmony and turned off the Coast highway and began the climb into Paso Robles. About halfway up, a dense fog enveloped us. It was challenging enough ascending, but coming down was another matter. I pretty much rode the rode the white line all the way in to “Paso” . I got into Paso Robles at 7, rode through town, and was soon on my way to San Miguel over some very rough rodes. I wonder if MODot(Missouri Department of Transportation) instead of Caltrans(California's equivalent ). They had been paved with very Coarse chip seal – a MoDOT specialty. I went by the out skirts of San Miguel, and turned onto Vineyard Canyon road. If you've been on Foxen Canyon, Vineyard Canyon is Foxen's Big brother . it's twice as long (about 25 miles) with a lot steeper and longer climb at the end. By This time I was “Tail End Charlene”. Despite it's name, Vineyards has no wineries. It's most truck farms. At one point I found I was riding with both eyes closed. I wasn't sure what was a matter. I though that maybe I did not get enough sleep. I stopped several times and felt better. Bernie Passed me coming back right before the steep hill. I got over the hill, crossed the San Andreas Fault and was at the first control in Parkfield(67 miles). Parkfield is a lodge, Tavern and Earthquake research center. I snacked on some food I brought with me before starting back. I went back over the big climb (hiking part of the way). and started the descent . I ran in to the same problem with my eyes. I laid down for a minute, but the Highway Patrol wondered by and interrupted. I Finally decided that I was have an allergic reaction to the crops. I got off off Vineyard and onto the “Show me” pavement. By this time a Stiff headwind had developed. I had also not bee eating enough. It took about an hour to do the eight miles from San Miguel to Paso Robles. I stopped at an AM/PM Convenience store(mile 100), and had a big Gator, Queen Sized Payday,and a humongous Burrito. I know you're not supposed to have food with lots of Corn Syrup in Endurance events, but I need some fast energy. as it looked like I was going to battling the headwind on climb up and over the coast range. I had decided that if I reached the intersection of 46 and PCH (highway 1)(mile 120), I would press on the ragged point inn by 5, I would press on, otherwise I would had back to Cayucos. I got there at 5:10PM. The winds had let up, but I begging to regret the burrito After some struggling, I decided to see how long it would take me to get to San Simeon, about 12 Miles up the road. I ran into Kevin and Bernie on the outskirts of San Simeon at 5:43. The burrito and Gatoraid diet was begging to pay off! They urged me to press on. Shortly after that , I had a flat. I quickly got it changed, and soon on my, way, I guess I had forgotten how ling it was up to the ragged point. At one point, I cried a little bit. I did a little better with my energy gel and drinks. The Ragged point Inn is a four star hotel that sit on a 300 foot cliff overlooking the pacific. There about a mile long climb from Sea Level to get there. I get there at 7:30. had some more food. I also drank a “Real” coke, and mixed up some more perpetuem, and was back on the road at 8:00. I was begging to rebound. all of the land between Ragged Point and San Simeon is still owned by the Hearst estate, So it was just me, the cows , the occasional car, and the waves crashing on shore. A wonderful experience. I kept better track of my fueling, and it paid off. Kevin was out keeping track of me. I finally got back in a little after 10:15. Kevin and Kathy left me have plenty of Pepsi and cold Pizza. Kevin said I had gotten several complements of lighting, and he was surprised How fast I made back from the Ragged point. I pointed out that the terrain had a lot to do with that. He wondered if you be crazy enough to do the 400k in two weeks (250 miles in 27 hours)

Friday, March 23, 2007

I blogged in the morning and...

Well , I'm getting ready to head up to Morro Bay despite the fact that I could spend the day here cleaning. Actually , I lke cleaning, it just seems like I 'm constantly overbooked, Guess I need to find a to balance work and life....

Thursday, March 22, 2007

That Still small voice

You ever had a voice in your head that reminds you of something? well today , I heard it. I was debating meeting the bicycle gang for dinner, They only problem was that I had park my car at a different station if wanted to. I decided against it to save money, but then forgot to bring along my lunch, so I wound up spending the money anyway.
When I've done scripture readings, I've wound more often than not getting the "still Small voice" (1 Kings19) passage. I think it's that God, (and life's most meaningful moments) come in not in the thundering cymbals and clanging gongs, but in the still small moments. The trick is overcoming societal conditioning that says we should ignore it....

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Don'r agree with me? You must be a retardo!

I got think about this from reading thing from people that essentially say "people who believe in god are idiots". Which misses that point that a lot of the world is still open to interpretation. I can't say that my way is right, and say Osama Bin Lauden is wrong. It's just too often we've become accustomed to seeing "proof", without questioning it's "proofiense", to coin a word. I was think about reading claims for energy gels and drinks. They usually say "We're the greatest, and you'll bonk if you use brand X" Then you read the proof , it's written for someone with a Ph.D. in nutrition. Maybe I need to write "Sports Nutrition for Dummies". I'm also thinking of the news of the Anglican communion, which seems to be coming apart, because no one wants to meet in the middle, which, ironically, is what I like the most about my parish.
Of course, the trick is where to draw the line. I sort of alluded to this yesterday. I'm not holding out hope in the "get it now" world

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Teacher or Helper

Benn conflicted. As you may know, I am teaching a Java group. The class has been asking for my code examples before they do the homework. I can understand wanting to see code that does what you're supposed to, but at the same time I don't want to turn them into Code monkeys. I may just give them a partial example to one exercise.
Benn packing for the 300K this weekend, It looks like I'm going to wear the same outfit for every brevet this year. It does handle a range of temps quite well.
I finished the Bruce Bawer book, quite a a good read, He's arguing that we should limit " religious" expression when it impinges on individual rights. A Slippery slope indeed. But, it some that we , as a society must manage. How do we accommodate other cultures, while at the same integrating them in to European cultures and values? Maybe we should go back to living in caves. Now, If can get myself involved with Lorna Doone

Monday, March 19, 2007

When an abstract is concrete

I'm having fun with My Java Group. I think we finally got them over the concrete and abstracts. and the door locked!
Bicycling not much going on there. Looking forward (with Dread?) to Saturday

Sunday, March 18, 2007

taking it easy

I decide not to do a mega-mileage ride today. I pretty much did San Dimas canyon. Which is good, since it is one of my favorite rides.
I did my usual stops of Church and comfrimand's class. Still happy with my decisions.
Now to pay my bills...

Saturday, March 17, 2007

miss identifcation?

I decided to wear my Credit' Arigcole jersey as it was most green thing I have. I took I a different route over to the start of the club ride. I actually managed to keep (about 20 mph) for he first ten mile. The we start a 1000 foot over the next 5 miles(up to Shinn Road). I dropped off the back quite a bit, but my buddies were waiting and one of them held my bike so I could take off my tights. We rode together for a while. At another hill , a rider was having problems with his gears, so I waited for him. the main gang had caught by a light, Stopped at the coffee shop and had a cappuccino before start back. I did the 100 foot climb from the other side, which was fun (not), since it has about 1/4 mile of 12% grade. I made up to over 40 coming into Claremont, and pedaled back home.
miles 62.8 or 100K
I was think about this, out here I'm a slow rider (at least in the club), when I I go to an away event, the impression of my speed changes for the better. I think may need to do some more "rebel" thing.
I was thinking about this reading a forum post on Someone had posted a youtube video about a bicycle ride down a descent in Colorado. Some had remarked how Aaron Copeland's "Appalachian Spring" was fitting. I thought that it was odd, "Appalachian Spring" always (in a bicycling sense of the word) bring to my mind a ride along the Yellow Breeches, Conodoguinet, or Manada creeks in Pennsylvania. it was acually "Rodeo".( A bit more fitting)And I have to admit, I really, really like "Appalachian Spring" since it is based on a melody that is used in two of my favorite Christian Songs; Simple Gifts and Lord of the Dance. Of course, I get confused and run these together in my in my mind, so I find myself singing something like this:
'Tis the gift to be simple, 'tis the gift to be free,
'Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be,
And when we find ourselves in the place just right,
'Twill be in the valley of love and delight.
When true simplicity is gain'd,
To bow and to bend we shan't be asham'd,
To turn, turn will be our delight,
Till by turning, turning we come round right
Dance, then, wherever you may be;
I am the Lord of the Dance, said he,
And I'll lead you all, wherever you may be,
And I'll lead you all in the dance, said he.
Sometimes I think we try and make things too simple. it's easy to make a snap judgments of something and then try and find things that back up your view (of people, things, Hobbies, or religion) rather than putting you brain in gear and look at the truth, As Van Halen said " I found the simple life ain't so simple"
As for me I'm still looking for the Valley of love and delight. I almost went to Albany,NY before I came out here. As you may know, Albany was there Shakers were based. I often thought That I was alive bake in the 1820's , I probably would have joined up. Of course I also think the same thing about John Reed.
Enough food for thought. Until Manana....

Friday, March 16, 2007

Patience wins out in the end

I knew I should have posted earlier!
Today was my day off! Went and saw my doctor. I thought I was going to have a mammogram, Well, that hasn't come to pass yet. I have a script for it and some meds.
I finally got the bike club to do some thing that I've been after them for two years to do, yippee!
Still reading Bruce Bawer's book, and I'm almost at the end. I'm supposed to be journaling as part of the confirmation process, and haven't . something for tommorrow

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Well this is gettting hard

Once again , I'm at a loss for words. I probably should spent some time on train doing Java stuff, but I decided to rest my eyes.
I'm still on the Bruce Bawer book.
Tomorrow is my RDO. Yeah!, but I have a doctor appointment, and I have a feeling I might get asked to come into work, bummer. My boos is is sick, and it seems that everyone els is too "busy" to back either one of us up.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

giving in to temptation

I had to go to Alberston's and get some soda. while there, I bought some malted milk eggs! oh well.
I'm still Mr Bawer's book. as usual, it's very thought provoking. I was wondering how he was going to handle Islamic extremism after reading his book on Christian "fundamentalist's", but so far so good..
No Java ME class. I think it;s dead.
Have not heard from the Pasadena PD. I do not e-mail class and let them know about whet to do for next week.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

writers block setting in

Well, for once. I don't have anything to write about!
Actually, I lied. I went to to library and checked out two books:While Europe Slept by Bruce Bawer, which is about the European reaction to Islamic fundamentalism, and Lorna Doone. Mind blowing combo, I'm sure. I wound with Lorna Doone, because I was much on a 100 calorie pack of LD cookies, and happened upon a the wikipedia entry, so I had to check out the book to see if I like it.
work was actually quiet today.

Monday, March 12, 2007

100 calorie packs

I've been bring 100 calorie pack to work to help me lose wight, Seems to do the trick, but here lately, I've been visiting ye olde vending machine. Need to work on that.
We had our Java class tonight. Did more of a lab session than anything. The only problems is that we leave after the library staff. Normally the door self locks, but today it didn't, so we had to call the police to make it was secure.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

On becoming an episcoplian...

Well, I'm actually starting confirmation classes. we had this afternoon, Very good, and it reminded me why I made the decision in the first place. If course this did put a dent in the bike riding. I started out going to Baldy Village the hard way. I made to the tunnels before I decided I wasn't going to have time. This may have been a good thing, as it was very windy.
One of the things I found interesting was the class was held at Panera Bread. Panera started as Saint Louis Bread. As a Former resident of the Gateway city, i liked that little co-incidence. Will I go back? never say never.....
I finally e-mailed out my examples for the Java Class, yes I know, I'm a bad teacher. And I didn't get a chance to talk to the folks at the Pasadena library to see what happened. I also meant to set up another Linux Chix meeting, but that did not get done.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Climbs, the invisble man, and the wind

Toady was the second edition of "the Grind' ride. The only problems was that the leader for the long ride did not show. Or maybe he wore his invisibility suit and rode his invisible bike. Most of the those folk were fine going solo, so I bid them adieu ,and led my charges out on the short ride. Everyone had a good time, except for the guy how decided to make a short cut. I wound doing some doubling back to look for him. After the ride, I decided to ride up to the Lytle Creek firing Range. The only problem was that I hit some ferocious headwind when I got to the 15 Freeway. I decided to press on. I made to the Valero at the 15 and summit, where I took my tights. I rode up into the canyon, with no let up in the wind, except for a brief section past the ranger station where the canyon makes an s -bend. I finally decided to turn around at the Fire station, about 5 miles and 1000 feet shy of my goal. I think I had enough intensity battling the wind. Going down was equally as intense, as I was going over 50mph at times. Stopped by Henry's and got my usual Fair Trade coffee, and got a new Michelin tire from REI, which was made in Thailand (well, better than China, i think. They were a democracy until a few months ago.)

Friday, March 09, 2007

Hanging out with the Chix

Today, work ,was for once, boring, yeah!
I drive into today so I didn't get a ride in, Darn! although traffic was light enough that I could have.
This evening I had wonderful dinner with the Ladies from Linux Chix LA in Pasadena. I got there and thought for a while That I would be the only one. we all had a a good time.
I'm supposed to lead the ride tomorrow, but I may a solo rider. It's the Solvang century. In a way I'm glad I'm not doing Solvang. There are way too many "racers" to make it enjoyable, and I would have missed out on a great evening. Yeah!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Can yo buy anything not made in China?

I admit, I tend to be pretty liberal on somethings. I just bought a new helmet tonight, The Pads on my old one were falling apart after six months. The new one looks more heavy duty. The new one is a Giro Monza (From China) and the old is a Limar 907(Italy). I've had Limars in the past, and they've had decent pads. This one had the type of pads you would normally find in a department store helmets. I guess they figured it was a place where you could cut costs and remain competitive.
As Far as outsourcing, I'm of a mixed opinion, Long term, i Think it will even out. It;s just I would like to buy good that were produced by a democratic society, and sometime i wonder if we're relying too much on China (Thinking about Lenin's remarks that the capitalist would sell him the rope that he would hang them with). Not to mention that we seem to leaving the folks with no professional skills behind. And I know I could have bought a Rudy Project or a LAS, but money is tight , and I had my dividend coupon from REI.
Anyways, enough of My soapbox

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The boy who cried wolf and public transport

Work is getting to be too much, Everyone insists in giving their work the highest priority, and the throws a hissy fit when the get stuck in the queue. Well, I can work so fast, and I 'm even slower without backup and when the workload is doubled.
Missed the 6:00 train again grr. we had the usual cast of characters, included the lady who talks aloud to herself. and my seatmate asked aloud if she was crazy. Maybe I should I quit and become Ms MetroLink Manners

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Can I go home now

Today was an extremely crazy day at work. I think I did two day's work in 9 hours.
Need to e-mail some files to the Java people, but I don't feel like unpacking my laptop. I did my usual climbing route this morning and found out i was a 1/2MPH faster! Going up Mt Baldy did pay off!, well, at least for Today

Monday, March 05, 2007

No Class for you!

Well, I was supposed to teach the Java class tonight at the library in Pasadena. The only issue that the city of Pasadena had taken over the meeting room as election Headquarters! Which meant we only did an hour, and that was just as well, as I had a busy day at work.
I did watch the "tomb of Jesus" last night. Some good point, but to me, a lot of it was making the facts fit the theory.
No bicycling today. Figured I did enough yesterday.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Am I insane or what

Since Bernie had adivised me that the 200k Had some 21% grades. I decided that I need to do some climbing. so after church and the weekly checkup with Family, I did Glendora Mountain and Glendora Ridge road to Baldy Village and back down, Like Brandy, it 's gorgeous here. I didn't have to take as many "panting" breaks (well maybe on Glendora Ridge) I surprised myself, as I able to do a lot of it without my granny gear The only Downside was coming home, I wound on street that was being repaved - The City Of Upland(24th Street) had removed all the pavement - so I had to to do an impromptu cycle cross session.
Miles 51.6 - Elevation gain 4800 feet average speed if you have to ask, you don't want to know.
The photos- The snow covered peak in the first three Lookout Mountain (6812 feet). Then there is is obligatory photo of the Cow Canyon saddle sign (when I started in Glendora I was at 812). Next is a photo looking down on the Vally of the East fork of the San Gabriel, and last is ridge in the Cucamonga Wilderness.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

climb, climb, climb

i did the club ride , plus a little extra today. This is our first time with a set route on Saturday, and we had a good turn out (about 25 rides for a club of 80). Most of the fast riders went a little farther, before they started the ascent, but I had a couple of folks with and we took to the direct route up Mt Baldy Road. The two folks with me kept on turning around on the steep sections. It's supposed to be a ride that should have a map with and a I wasn't leading today, it did feel not to be that last person up this section. I go to the turnout for Shinn (the first red mark) and stopped and took off my tights. The other riders came by and I told them where to turn. I rode up to the tunnels, although I probably should had kept on going to Baldy village. I descended, did some climbing, and stopped by the Coffee Shop to socialize. I rode by the bank so I could cash my Birthday checks.
Total for the 51.85 miles with 2900 feet of climbing.
Felt good to not to have another monster day of work.

Friday, March 02, 2007

That Does it

I caught the 7:20 PM train again tonight. I knew I should have driven in! And I didn't get a ride in this AM due last night. The good new two days without work! and I drive in on Monday. The rest of the next week may be bad with the Railroad track work.
I moved my Hotel to the Motel 6 for the 300K - so no wi fi- no blog.
The other Item is that my boss switched my Friday off. I told him that I need the March one, but (as usual) forgot - I don't think there's anything malicious - he's absent minded professor type. Now, I have to decided if I want to Drive to Morro Bay on Friday night. We're going to try and hash it out on Friday

Thursday, March 01, 2007

somedays I should stay in bed...

Things went well until stepped of the train in El Monte, There was broken stop light and the driver of the Shuttle bus made an obscene gesture at a police officer. it was supposed to be a busy day at work, but wound doing the professional web surfing until 5, when the usual crisis erupted. And Gmail wasn't available for half the day.
Then coming home, more traffic. The City of El Monte still hadn't fixed the signal. Instead of catching the 6:00 train as usual, or even the 6:20, we wound up on the 7:20. But a bunch of us stood around and talked for an hour. There was supposed to be some from Team Estrogen at the club meeting tonight, but I was sure she is she made there. I was there for about 20, minutes, then came.
And I found a boo-boo with my checking account, and it's not in my favor. So the coming might be a little fun(i need to stop dipping into my savings), but Faith will find a way. And I didn't complain at all! Go purple bracelet!