Thursday, March 08, 2007

Can yo buy anything not made in China?

I admit, I tend to be pretty liberal on somethings. I just bought a new helmet tonight, The Pads on my old one were falling apart after six months. The new one looks more heavy duty. The new one is a Giro Monza (From China) and the old is a Limar 907(Italy). I've had Limars in the past, and they've had decent pads. This one had the type of pads you would normally find in a department store helmets. I guess they figured it was a place where you could cut costs and remain competitive.
As Far as outsourcing, I'm of a mixed opinion, Long term, i Think it will even out. It;s just I would like to buy good that were produced by a democratic society, and sometime i wonder if we're relying too much on China (Thinking about Lenin's remarks that the capitalist would sell him the rope that he would hang them with). Not to mention that we seem to leaving the folks with no professional skills behind. And I know I could have bought a Rudy Project or a LAS, but money is tight , and I had my dividend coupon from REI.
Anyways, enough of My soapbox

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