Saturday, March 03, 2007

climb, climb, climb

i did the club ride , plus a little extra today. This is our first time with a set route on Saturday, and we had a good turn out (about 25 rides for a club of 80). Most of the fast riders went a little farther, before they started the ascent, but I had a couple of folks with and we took to the direct route up Mt Baldy Road. The two folks with me kept on turning around on the steep sections. It's supposed to be a ride that should have a map with and a I wasn't leading today, it did feel not to be that last person up this section. I go to the turnout for Shinn (the first red mark) and stopped and took off my tights. The other riders came by and I told them where to turn. I rode up to the tunnels, although I probably should had kept on going to Baldy village. I descended, did some climbing, and stopped by the Coffee Shop to socialize. I rode by the bank so I could cash my Birthday checks.
Total for the 51.85 miles with 2900 feet of climbing.
Felt good to not to have another monster day of work.

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