Monday, May 27, 2013

A Real Benedict Arnold

I went for a ride yesterday: Before going for another ride: which would up in Highland Falls, NY: why Highland Falls? Because it's next door to west Point. Nowadays, you can only get on post by the tour. It was also the day after commencement, which meant people everywhere: West Point is also the fort that Benedict Arnold tried to give the British, and that leads to today's ride: Saratoga National Historic Park. Boom: speaking of Mr. Arnold: I love how the plaque describes him as 'intrepid' - he was confined to quarters for insubordination. There is a monument to him (or more accurately, his leg) The Hudson River: Victory Mills, Ny: The Mills in Victory Mills: and the Victory in Mills. This is where General Burgoyne surrendered. Each Alcove has an officer. Albany's own Gen Schuyler: Except for the south one, which was to feature Gen. Arnold: and Back on the road until next week:

Sunday, May 19, 2013

40 miles along the hudson

It rained last Saturday, and I didn't take my camera, so no post. Troy is having an Uncle same statue festival: There are other sides to Troy: and across the street: Let's cross the river. More old factories: and the state canal: The upper Hudson past Waterford: and old railroad overpass:

Sunday, May 05, 2013

back in Yankee Land

Well, I got turned down, so back to sending out resumes. I decided to the trail out of Pittsfield, MA. But when I got there, I realized that I had left my helmet at home. I finally decided to go ahead and ride: Adams, MA: The name of the trail: Today, I went over to Uncle Sam's hometown. That would be Troy,nY: Who says Daffodils are ugly?