Sunday, September 25, 2011

3000 stings

I decide to ride across the Hudson and go up the bike path:

The Replica of the Half Moon From last week:

It's fall already up here:

The path was ok for the first 2 miles, then it became a morass of mud , and about 10,00 mosquitoes. so back across the Hudson
Sculling race - with Duck:

Uss Slater with I 787:

Rensselaer county was much better:

Almost home:

Today, I started get some furniture. Things are coming along

Sunday, September 18, 2011

No Exploding tires this week

Saturday was the 234th anniversary of the battle of Saratogoa, so I drove up:

Was fun, but I'll probably need to go back,as I had some stuff to do here in Albany.
I went to the Cathedral on Sunday, and then took off for a ride:

I rode down 9J to the Thruway bridge over the Hudson:

Through the Village of Castleton on Hudson:

I thought would be to get the Replica of the Half Moon(Henry Hudson's ship) as it was supposed to be in Albany today. no Luck:

Coming back

This is Rensselaer's claim to fame - the Crallo house - where "Yankee Doodle" was composed during the French and Indian Wars:
From Alb
Only 22 miles, but not a bad day

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The spirt is willing , but the tire was week

I did get out on the bike yesterday, but Irene had other plans:
From Alb
Got about a mile, when BLAM! another blowout. Thankfully I had a spare 650, but I also wanted to go look at furniture, so I walked back.
The ped bridge over I-787:
From Alb
Today, I went to ten o'clock service, and we had a a 3:00 service for 9/11. I went over to the New York State musem.
This is a landing gear for a 767:

What happens when a 100 story building falls on your fire engine:

albany's most iconic building, the egg (it's a theater)

Sunday, September 04, 2011

camping indoors

Well, it was busy week. i starteed a new job, moved to a new city, and found a new apartment, all in the same week.!
I did look at three places, before finally settling on one in Rensselaer:

Inside , needs some work. did I mention my furniture is going to goodwill:

I did= forget my bike shoes. oh well!.
I will be getting some furnishing over the next couple of weeks. The important thing is that i'm not at the Days inn or living out of my car.
Rensselaer is across the river from Albany. it's named after Kilean van Rensselaer, the first dutch land owner (I suspect the Mohawks may have a thing or two to say about the first land owner), whose ancestor founded Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute(RPI) , about 10 mile away in Troy.
It's best known as where the song Yankee doodle dandy was composed during the french and Indian wars. pretty much typical Notheast.
More posting and hopefully some bicycling next week