Sunday, October 30, 2011

shaking it through

With the snow apocalypse this week, I opted to stay off the bike.
I've been thinking about getting a winter. I went by the LL Bean store at Colonie Center. to get some clothes, I did look at their bikes (dudes: pump those tires!)
I then decided to go to the airport, mainly to make sure I knew where it was . Alb is unique in that it is on the ground of what was the Main Shaker Colony

There were having a craft sale. Nothing appealed to me, so I test rode a specialized ariel(much better) before heading home:

and yes, The Shakers wrote "Simple Gifts", not Aaron Copland. He just cribbed it:

as well as some others:

I've always felt drawn to Mother Ann and her work. something to ponder for next week

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The return of the exploding tires

The day started out ok. These folks were shooting a video;
From 10-22-2011
I used the zoom here:
From 10-22-2011
some leftovers from Irene:

I finally made it to the Mohawk Hudson Bike Hike trail. This is in Cohoes:

I turned around when I got to the Thaddeus Kosciusko Bridges:

Old Mile Marker:

The Miss Albany diner. My sidewall gave out here:

I double back to the bike shop , and got another tube. Probably need a new tire, but it's almost the end of cycling season here
Less Color this week:

I did a little trip after. I was going to the Bennington Battle field, but it was closed, Here is Sodom, VT (Gomorrah is in Massachusetts)

I wrapped the day by Going by Grandma Moses house:

Her Grandson is also an artist and runs a gallery here. I did some Christmas shopping.
I thought going over to Massachusetts, but decided against it.
Today, I was going to ride this afternoon, but it was 2:00 by the time I ate lunch (church committee meeting), so I went to a gift shop and picked some Vermont marble coaster to replace the day old newspaper I had been using
Until Next week

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Along The Hudson river line

so I went ahead and dug the Billy Joel out
Here we are across the Hudson in Albany:

The trail was mud and leaves, so I kept my speed down
End of the trail in Watervilet:

at the Locks in Troy:

A good day on the bike. I was going to go to a Hudson Valley Writer's Guild, but it was an awards ceremony.
Today, I went up to Fort Ticonderoga:
Lake George:

the fort:

and looking north:

From 1929, which explains the great "Men"

enjoyable weekend, Maybe I'll do a bit longer ride next weekend

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Take my money, please!

I lost my debit card, and no one (except my bank) wants to accept a check due to it being a new account.
Sig. At least the landlord , utilities, and furniture place (yes, I will be getting some) think my money isn't guaranteed by the Continental Congress.
how to cure the blues? a bike ride:

another new route: us 4 is north South here in New York State:

Fall is here:

Not socal:

and another new route:

Old barn:

Back in Castleton:

going home:

and Murderer's Creek:

and the song - I used the audio swap service of Youtube - works out except for the song is about that other New York down the Hudson. Even the State's Offical song has been hijacked:

not mention finding an MP3 is a bit of challenge.
someone suggested this song - another NYC, although you could use (Subsitues Times Union and Daily Gazette for the New York Times and Daily News)

until next week

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Nothing new under the sun

Or rather lack of sun.
It was a rainy day, so I took a little trip in the kia. about 20 miles later:
From 10-1-2011
This was the home Martin Van Buren bought after he was defeated by William Henry Harrison.
Life is a bowl of Cherries:

The house:

I was thinking about his presidency. He started with the Panic of 1837, which lead the whigs to tag him "Martin Van Ruin". He pointed the the depression wasn't his fault, but his predecessor's. Of Course unlike our current president, Martin was his Predecessors vice president.
and the Campaign of 1840 was the first modern one. Who's up for Tippacanoe and Tyler , too?

Harrison, whose father signed the declaration of Independence, ran as a common man against Van Buren, whose father ran a tavern. That the story. But Harrison's Father lost his fortune, and "Van" had done well for himself, giving champagne parties at the White house. Harrison noted that if he were to be elected, he would serve hard Cider. Van Buren noted that Hard Cider had quite a bitter aftertaste, but Champagne went down smooth.
I closed the day by going to Fort Craillo, where Yankee doodle was composed:

It's now a dutch colonial museum: