Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fork in the road

We've got some nice fall colors.

But the switch from Fall to Winter is more a like a curve in the road, right? we can't really go back to summer. The fork I'm referring to is in my writing. I picked up one of my old projects, and made some progress with it, so I started a blog for it. And you Elvis fans, don't get upset. I'm still planning on maintain Jana's Journeys, still with a weekly posting schedule, so don't get too upset. It'll just be a little more focused now.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Auriesville Shrine

I had mentioned several time that I had ridden the bike path past the Shrine of Our Lady of Martyrs without stopping. Well, today I changed that: The Shrine commemorates Father Isaac Jogues, René Goupil, a Jesuit brother, and John Lalande, who lost their live at this site because of their faith in the 1640's. It was the Site of Ossernenon, the Main village of the Mohawks. Here is a marker for Fr. Joques: Three crosses for three saints: another view of the Mohawk river: There is quite a large Chapel here. I spent some time ion reflection, and thank the Lord for their lives: A pleasant day of rest.

The catskills

I've been planning some trips, and yesterday, I took one: This is the Catskill Scenic trail, which run 26 miles from Roxbury to Bloomville. I parked at the mid point in Stamford. The first thing I ran into was unpacked fine gravel up to my rims. Real fun. The unimproved portions weren't much better , as you can see here: I made to my destination, Grand Gorge. I think this is an old bridge: . Coming back , it was uphill, which made it a little harder. It had rained a lot there, so it was like pedaling in bog. Maybe I should get a fat bike. Here is an old barn: and the station in South Gilboa: a nice farm: 73 miles to Kingston: I thought about doing some, but I was pretty pooped. I got some lunch at Stewart's and headed back:

Sunday, October 06, 2013

A Placid Lake

Today, I went to church: and then I took off for Lake Placid. Here is a rest stop on the Northway(I-87): The Last Howard Johnsons'. They used to be everywhere: Eating there proved you can't go back. Which is not always the case (look for another post on this in about a month or so). I was bit concerned with parking, but found a spot in front of the Olympic center The 1980 Arena: The speed skating track doubles as the track for Lake Placid High: For $70, you can ride a bobsled. I skipped: Up the ski lift: John Brown's Farm: I have a new found respect for ski jumpers: I went to whiteface and the Gondola ride. It decided to pour rain. no fun. It was also when my phone got a strong enough signal to transmit data. maybe having a 3g phone was good enough. A good and fun day:

George Eastman Vs Carl Ziess

My new phone has an 8mp Cal Ziess Camera, versus the 9mp on Kodak. Kodak: versus Ziess: Pretty close, eh? The only drawback to the Ziess is that is the largest exposure, but the phone automatically syncs with SkyDrive (Microsoft's Cloud Storage) The Half Moon is back in town: Leaves are falling: The Falls are still there: It's time for Pumpkin pie Donuts? Dissing a Medal of Honor winner: and the skyline