Saturday, March 31, 2007


had to lead the short club ride, It was a fairly small turnout. I had none lady was a bit slower, but we hung together and had 22 miles before we knew it. Hung around the coffee shop for bit, then took off. I wen two block, and head a loud "bang" My rear tube went and blew the tire off the rim I took me a while to get the tire soon on my way. I climbed part of th way up Mt. Baldy, and then went and visited a pretty park in La Verne (I didn't see Shirley, though ) we talking on the train about some trees that are bloom right now. I thought from a a distance that they were pink dogwoods, Well, it turn out they weren't Sorry, I didn't have my camera. I then headed home with 63 more miles than when I left

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