Thursday, March 29, 2007

Taking it slow

One of the thing I've been doing is reading a chapter of the bible at a time. I've actually read it cover to cover three times. The last time , I did it in a year. I thought I was reading to be reading that time, so I slowed, Also, I usually started at Matthew rather than Genesis, since It think the slog through Deuteronomy and Leviticus has doomed many an attempt to read the entire bible. I'm in Deuteronomy. The typical passed is "If your has trampled you neighbor's filed of wheat, bring the priest three perfect doves or one goat, unless it was field of oats..." So on for about 200 pages.
What got me to thinking, is that too often, we want the "good Stuff" with doing the hard work needed to cash, whether it be learning the Jewish law and it failed before we get to the amazing grace, or the 200 miles, 12,00 feet bicycle to get a medal from France. a lot a times life is slog is a slog through drudgery, but if we stop, we can always find the hidden beauty.

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