Sunday, June 08, 2014

Blue days

I was sick last week with the flu. ,but did get out and ride. Right, now I feel like one one of Martyrs Of Memphis when it comes to my Job search: < br /> Maybe I'll get a job here:

At least they 'improved' Riverside drive:

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Blister and The Headstone

Well, Friday I went out for a ride, but I had to fix a flat before I started out. No problem, until I had another flat at Poplar and McLean(about a block). I thought it was due to a bad patch, so I replaced it. But then I got another flat at the Mid-south Coliseum. Oh-oh! It looked I had bad tire. I replaced the tube again, and made to Madison and Tucker (two blocks away)before I was deflated yet again. Needless to say , I had a nice blister on my hand after this, so instead of a Bike ride, I took my Mom out to where she was raised: Ramer, TN. It's about a 90 mile journey from Memphis, but the trip involves a little jog into Mississippi, due to better roads and avoidance of small town with a reputation form speed traps. We first went to Mt. Vernon cemetery:

I like this one, since my Grandmother Burress' maiden name was Maxedon. Most of my ancestor are buried there, but some more are at Ramer City cemetery:

This is my Grandfather and Grandmother. I had a very string feel for where they were, despite it being 35 years since I had been there (It was my Grandfather's Funeral).

Uncle James was always an engima, as he seemed to lose a bunch of himself on Omaha beach. he was awarded several medals, but no one seems to remember which ones. Somes times the past is hard to Fathom. I was thinking about that, as I going to get us a soda to drink on the way back, but the old General Store is now a wrestling arena:

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The connection

I was looking for the connection in my religious life , and I think I found it. Memphis was nearly wiped out in a yellow fever epidemic in the 1870's. Several folks who had taken holy orders stayed behind to take care of the ill, and lost their own lives, most notably Constance and Her Companions. Constance was a member of the Community of St. Mary, which was located in Peeksill, NY. They are now located on the ground of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany's Spiritual Life Center - the connection between the Cathedral of All Saints and St. Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, if you excuse this blurry picture:

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A ride with no purpose

well, it was sorta a loop here and a loop there. nice sign:

It started here:

I wonder what General Forrest thinks about the park's new name:

Time for a group ride:
to central station < br />
I was going to ride today, but I had too much to do. maybe next week.

Monday, May 05, 2014

No Royalty Needed

Well, it was hard to decide on a route with the beale street music festival and the royal wedding. A nice gazebo:

The City of New Orleans

The Festival


The Peabody

Something for the Curbside

and a Civil Right Pioneer:

I'll leave you with scene on Barksdale, about three block from my Grandfather and Grandmother Lingo's house:

Sunday, April 27, 2014

East is the new West

One thing that's hard to adapt to Memphis is that it's built on the opposite bank of the Mississippi than Cape Girardeau. I do get turned around when people mention East or West, as I think in terms of the river. The ride did not start out good:

but I pedaled by the Cooper-young Farmers market:

Memphis StateThe University of Memphis.

captured a Curbside Classic

and got to ride , where we decided to head out to Collierville. Here I was , planning on making a shortcut. Still, it was worth it, even if it did wind up with more miles than I had planned.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Riding with the Hightailers

Well, saturday I did my first group in about three years with the Memphis Hightailers:

We had to stop for the Bunny run:

Before winding up at Memphis Farmer's Market:

and we went back via the bike arch. A very good experience:

I was going to go for a ride Sunday, but I spent most of the day doing some java code for a prospective employer (having you send a sample of your work is common strategy), going to church, and taking my mother for a ride.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

going down to the river

I start out with the most infamous buidling in Midtown: Sears Crosstown:
From 2014-04-12_1

Find the Queen of the Mississippi unloading
From 2014-04-12_1

pay homage to Tom Lee:

and then the Martyrs:

The three bridges:

Now, let's pay respects to Dr. king. It's amazing how much Memphis and the South have changed, from Tom Lee being 'a good negro', and separating out the the races on the yellow fever plaque.
From 2014-04-12_1

A little surprise:

We'll end with modern Memphis - The Mid-south Coliseum, The Liberty bowl, and a bunch of stuff that Absolutely, Positively, has to get there overnight.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Pedaling around Bluff city

For being unemployed, I don't have much time on my hands. I have been riding more often:

This is in Overton park. I-40 was supposed to be built through here, but never made it. The city is building a bike path to connect the park to the Shelby Farms greenline:

The greenline runs out to Shelby Farms park, an Old Penal farm. Part of it still is a prison:

it's true:

The neighborhood I went through coming out was a little rough, so I detoured through Cooper-young:

I can see the art museum out my window:

Oops - mom just called and wanted to know when I was going to have dinner. no wonder I have no time!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

four walls and a bunch of boxes

Pretty much describe my life right now. The van shows up Wednesday, and then who knows? I'm going at this a little bit different than the search that brought me to Albany. Find the place you fit first, and then find something to do. A good thing, as I never seemed to get the hang of Albany, either personally or professionally. Maybe I should have listen voice calling me back to the river, and I don't mean the Hudson.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Well, I've been giving one chance and signed a lease at 1914 Poplar. It's refreshing to know that I'll be heading home, but terrifying that I know what I'll be doing to support myself. Nothing much to do except to trust the it will work, as I attempt to Take care of business for my family. Will I become a guide at Graceland or dealer at a Casino in Tunica? who knows? I know Albany is already behind me, as it was fated to be when I signed that lease for Mom at the parkview. Contract progamming appears to be the past, and I have no idea as to future, which is how it should be. I'll leave you with something more uplifting. Now, Grizz or Tigers, Blues or Preds?

Sunday, March 09, 2014

New Chapter

Well... I have plenty of time to devote to this blog, since I am now unemployed. As far as what the future holds, probably not Albany, as I need to be close to Family, And the same could apply to Socal. So where? Well, where else? It's odd, as going there, I've always felt a draw I never felt in Saint Louis. As someone said after I told catfish and greens with hog jowl "Darling, you're home." Now, I have a chance to make it there. I may wind up a guide at Graceland or behind the wheel of a peterbilt, but c'est la vie! And I did get the bike out:
for a brief ride:
And I've been reading up on Macro's enemy:
Which leaves me with more respect for Pantani. Yes they both doped, But Marco had a certain something - riding for joy, rather then to crush everyone. Let's hope my next engagement lets my express my joie de vivre.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

First ride

I finally got the new bike out a for quick spin. Why?

Not all jurisdictions plowe their path. Still, I had some one to watch over me:

You couldn't ride everywhere:

and the bike did get dirty:

and you have to throw the Lycra out in this weather: