Saturday, May 30, 2009

How to turn 80 miles into 60

Well, today was the date of our first recumbent only ride
The only problem was that I wanted to 60 miles, no problem, just get there early.
And then my settlement check arrived - I didn't want to leave that big of a check waiting until Monday
So I decided to ride to the ride and take the Metrolink back to Rancho
Thankfully the sun was out about 5:30. or maybe it was , as we are having the "june Gloom".
I had to help with our gates (not they're not open, and then try a less potholey way to Fontana.
I managed to find a way and stopped to take a pic at the AutoClub speedway
From 5-30-2009

It wasn't as bad going through Fontana and Rialto as I thought it would be. I did get lost in Colton , and was wondering if I would make it to the ride in time. Thankfully, I did:
From 5-30-2009

We took off and made a stop at the Redlands library:
From 5-30-2009

From 5-30-2009

We started climb up through the hills and the nice houses , before taking a break at the Mormom Temple:
From 5-30-2009

From 5-30-2009

We did some climbing to get to the Greenspot store, and then had the treat of descending Greenspot road
From 5-30-2009

after Greenspot, The group ws going to ride somewhere and have brunch. I decided to see if I could catch the 11 train from San Berdoo to La. I'm not sure what was the biggest challenge, the pavement in Highland , or the bums in downtown San Berdoo. I was just about to the train when I turned off Mt Vernon and found out they had torn out a block of pavement! the dirt was hard enough I could ride it. Then I found out there was a shopping center between me and the station! I finally mad to the station, and found the ticket machine.
To continue my tale of woe, I found out that there was two trains at the station. Thankfully, there was a conductor, so I asked him.
I was concerned that my bike waould fit on the train, no worries
From 5-30-2009

I had about 10 minutes to wait and half hour later, I was back in Rancho:
From 5-30-2009

I made to the bank and spent about an hour divvying the money up into various accounts before heading and getting the wheels for my upright bike trued up

Monday, May 25, 2009

A reunion for people who have never met each other

One of the regular features on the is a thing called the reunion. Basically, it gives the folks who post on the forum there a chance to get together and meet each other.
This year, it was hosted by my friend Bernie Barge. We had it as part of the Great Western Bike Rally in Paso Robles, Ca
I drove up to "paso" on Friday. The event is held at the mid state Fair grounds. I dod nit bother to check and see where we were supposed to set up camp, and I did not find any obvious sings of Bike journal, so i went ahead and set camp and took a walk around the fair grounds:

I eventually found everybody and we had supper:

The next morning, the local lions club was having a pancake breakfast. one of the more colorful "characters" on bikeJournal is Pansy Palmetto. she decided to have breakfast in her PJs:

We all met at 9 for tour of Paso Robles and country hosted by Bernie.Pansy decide to do the ride a Tutu:

One of the problems was that most of us were not famalar with the Area, so we sepnt a lot of time waiting around:

At one of the Stops, a Ferrari pulled up and came to a stop. And then another Ferrari, and another. We think it was a car club on a run

Here's Bernie (aka Homey)(in Red, white and blue) and Mike(ZenLC) and Tiffany:

and Steve may:

and Pansy in Full tutu:

The group getting ready to leave:

and we finally made it back into town:

We had very late lunch at a Pizza joint, followed by some more socializing. We were goig to have a barbque at Bernie's "ranchette" at 5, it was was 3:30 and I had not had a shower for the day. I was going to ,until I saw the line. Everyone said I smelled fine, but behind my back?
I had agreed to carpool Nancy and Randy (Pansy and Mr. Pansy) to the ranch. I had to stop for gas, and we ran into another car club, this one for antique Cadillacs (sorry, my Camera malfunctioned)
Bernie place is bit like a Jeff Foxworthy joke. It's 20 miles out of towm, and you get there going down a dirt road. We arrived , and he was busy fixing Lamb. why Lamb? His family raises lambs:

Bernie, Tiffany, Mike, and Michelle (Bernie's sister):

The view from the front porch:

After supper, but before sunset, we walked up to the top of the ridge:

we had cake before heading home (and I had moved my tent to the correct place

I was going to a century Sunday morning, but I had the flu earlier that week ,and was still doing some coughing. Several folks had decided to drive over to Cambria an ride up the coast to ragged point and back. This is real treat as this is where the Hearst Castle is. Even Better than that is that William Randolph Hearst built up a 250,000 acre ranch, which is still owned by the Hearst Company. This means a 20 mile ride along the coast, with almost no development until you get to Ragged Point.
we did stop for coffee before hand

This is Brian (BDSDVM) and Jamie (BiffDaddy) from Arizona. it was about 40 degrees:

Ragged Point is a 4 star resort that sits on top of a cliff. The coast highway does a have a nice steep climb up, which had me worried, as I had never done anything that steep on my recumbent. I had some of what is called "recumbutt" (sore muscles you know where), and pulled over in a abandoned motel (apparently , Willie wasn't able to get his hands on everything) and waited it out. I made it up to the inn, but Robert Baldino ("Roborider") beat me there. we sat around and had some more coffee , and waited for everyone else to show up:

Thom, Nancy, Steve, Jamie, Robert, Brian, Randy, Veronica and myself:
The fog still hadn't bruned off, but we had a nice wind to out backs on the return trip. I took a photo of some off shore rocks:

The Piedras Blancas light house:

and the Elephant seal area:

Coming back into the town of San Simeon. I ran across Bernie and his group. He wanted me to go into Cambria and reserve a table for 10 at Barbecue plcae. I found the place, and found out that the did not take reservation, or plastic money, which was a problem, as I had only brought along $10, and between the coffee and a set of Earring I bought at Ragged Point, I had spent it. Thankfully, there was a Quickie mart with an ATM next door
I had a Tri tip sandwich and about a week's worth of fries Bernie had recommended I try the fries.

Several groups split up after lunch. I was feeling good enough to ride back to Paso, But I still had my car at the beach. My initial plan was to ride dwon to Cayucos and back. The sun had came out, but so had the wind, so that the 30 mile trip would take me about 3-4 hours.
We had all kidded Bernie about of his routes, since it had several section of 20 % grade. Most of the riders played it safe and went back on highway 46 (only 6%), but Bernie convinced me to ride with group until it go to steep for me to ride. It was worth it for the views:

While I didn't make it as far as Bernie thought I should have , I enjoyed it. I took a Photo of Downtown Cambira on the way back:

and finally made the Coast:

I then drove back up Santa Rosa creek road. I would say not being able to see the road out of the car qualifies as steep! I did run into Bernie, Glenn (GW_12)< Michelle, and Brian one one of the steeper sections and home:

at 4:30 Pm, I finally made to the showers. The rally folks had promised a catered Barbecue dinner. It turns there I idea of Catering was thet provided the wood , and you cooked you own meat! we went for Pizza again.
Some folks were going to ride today, but I decided to get an early start to see tif could avoid any traffic Jams. Made it home about noon.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pride of Cucamonga

Ok . I forgot my camera, so we're back to cell phone pics. and I need to figure out how to get photobucket hosted pictures to appear throughout my blog., rather then on top.
I was getting ready for the Bike Journal reunion this net weekend in Paso Robles. One of the members, Drummerboy49, is having issues with Early Onset Alzheimer's. It was affecting his balance. I wrote him recommending an adult recumbent trike, and he wrote saying he was dead broke.
So I went crazy and tried to organize enough people to get him a trike (nut not a chicken suit). This was particularly bizarre since I was reading Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead, in whihc she argues that altruism is the stuff of "second handers".
While I agree with her that a lot of people are afraid to strike out on their own, I still agree in the old maxim "'tis better to give than receive"
And given her history, I can see how she cam to objectivism. It's just that I find it ironic that shares the same fatal flaw as communism: the persume the noblest of intentions for mankind.
Unfortunately, that's what make the world spin around.
Wait, you're saying you want a bike blog, not a philosophy blog? well, OK
Since I had agreed to bring along the Cucamonga's Valley best known product, wine, I decide to take some wine picutures.
You're probably wondering why I took photos of those bushes? There's actually Grape vines , Cucamonga Style. Since we so little rainfall, you usually don't the Traditional vineyard here.
But I did sneak in a vineyard along the rail trail, and picture of the Joseph Filippi Winery.
The club ride was ok. just some time with buddies and the usual coffee hour after wards.
I rode home with some strong head winds, showered, and changed before heading out. My cycling shoes were beginning to wear out, so wanted to see about getting a new pair. I thought I would have to go to Incycle in San Dimas, but Competitive Edge here in Rancho had my size and my preferred brand (I almost titled this post "What happens in Cucamonga, stays in Cucamonga." ) made a trip to REI, before heading back to the Filippi's
The Fillippi winery best known product is called The Pride of Cucamonga. It's not because it particularly good, but because the Grateful Dead wrote a song called the Pride of Cucamonga.
The actual label had been out of production for quite a while. It seems that the original Pride of Cucamonga's Selling point was it low price and 15% alcohol content (no wonder Jerry and Company liked) And with the development, The Fillippi's have decided to concentrate thier efforts on upscale wines.
But the did bring back the Pride of Cucamonga for limited run. I remember trying to get a bottle for some one and finding they had sold out. I had better luck today. They actually had two varietys ( I picked the one made from "100% Cucamonga grapes", plus another all -Cucamonga vintage) before heading home (only 90 degrees).
So my net stories should be from Paso Robles. Will I come home with a Chicken suit and a Catrike? Probably not, although I have been think about getting a trike. riding around the parking lot, they are fun, extended test ride? who knows?

Friday, May 08, 2009

The Condor detour

Well today was my normally scheduled day off:) but I woke up about the same time, so I took off early.
I was going to go up to applewhite Campground on Lytle Creek Road, I decided to go up sierra ave in Fontana to avoid some bad dogs

Unfortunately, once I got close to the 15, I started to pick some Santa Ana Velocity winds -so no Lytle Creek road for me!
I decided to see If I could make over to Glen Helen Park, not bad:

There's also an amphitheater in Glen Helen:

I wanted to find a video of Toby Keith singing "Should've been a Cowboy" there, since I have it on CD, but no luck

I was debating doing some miles, specifically coming down and back up Old Rt 66 in San Berdoo, but In order to that I would have to some train tracks. What make these tracks so bad is not that the pavement, but of the six railroad lines into LA, three of them coming through the Cajon Pass. I remember one time pulling up here and waiting for a train to pass. About the time I could see the end, another train started to come by. Four trains later, I finally made it across. That and the fact That I had a hair dresser's appointment later on dissuaded me.
Coming back , I noticed a Condor trying to Fly across the road. The wind was bad enough, it was not making any progress. so it landed and gave me a "Rodney Dangerfield" look.

I took a shot of a fire station, just not the one I was aiming for, before heading for home:

I was debating driving or walking over to the appointment. I wound up driving, which turned into a good choice, as they were tearing down part of the shopping center to build a Fresh and Easy (british style grocery store).
I was going to go to a self service carwash, but there was line (people are economizing) I decide to do the automatic one at the Service station, where some one hit me up for gas money so they could get home to Hesperia.
Continuing the economic theme, Wal mart was crowded, but so was Victoria Gardens. so may the economy is improving, but we're learning to make better choices. I went over to REI before heading home. There was another new Fresh and Easy that had replaced the furniture store, but no one had leased the old Circuit City. ReI had a crowd, but they were having a sale.
Until next week,