Thursday, March 01, 2007

somedays I should stay in bed...

Things went well until stepped of the train in El Monte, There was broken stop light and the driver of the Shuttle bus made an obscene gesture at a police officer. it was supposed to be a busy day at work, but wound doing the professional web surfing until 5, when the usual crisis erupted. And Gmail wasn't available for half the day.
Then coming home, more traffic. The City of El Monte still hadn't fixed the signal. Instead of catching the 6:00 train as usual, or even the 6:20, we wound up on the 7:20. But a bunch of us stood around and talked for an hour. There was supposed to be some from Team Estrogen at the club meeting tonight, but I was sure she is she made there. I was there for about 20, minutes, then came.
And I found a boo-boo with my checking account, and it's not in my favor. So the coming might be a little fun(i need to stop dipping into my savings), but Faith will find a way. And I didn't complain at all! Go purple bracelet!

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