Sunday, March 25, 2007

The longest ride

The longest Ride
Saturday, I did a 300K brevet, That's 190 miles. The longest ride I've ever done.
I drove up to Morro Bay and checked into my Room. When I unpacked I discovered that I had left my reflective vest at home. You're supposed to wear one while riding at dark, and the ride started at 4AM. I went back to San Luis Obipso to look for , but had no luck. I decided to show up and at least do the ride as a “pirate”.
I woke up at 3 and drove to Cayucos . The RBA (Regional brevet Administrator, was fine with t Reflectivity provided by my jacket and Camelbak . At 4, we took off, I rode briefly with my Friend , Bernie Barge. Bernie is planning in doing RAAM (Race Across America) this year, and need to get some training in. We passed Harmony and turned off the Coast highway and began the climb into Paso Robles. About halfway up, a dense fog enveloped us. It was challenging enough ascending, but coming down was another matter. I pretty much rode the rode the white line all the way in to “Paso” . I got into Paso Robles at 7, rode through town, and was soon on my way to San Miguel over some very rough rodes. I wonder if MODot(Missouri Department of Transportation) instead of Caltrans(California's equivalent ). They had been paved with very Coarse chip seal – a MoDOT specialty. I went by the out skirts of San Miguel, and turned onto Vineyard Canyon road. If you've been on Foxen Canyon, Vineyard Canyon is Foxen's Big brother . it's twice as long (about 25 miles) with a lot steeper and longer climb at the end. By This time I was “Tail End Charlene”. Despite it's name, Vineyards has no wineries. It's most truck farms. At one point I found I was riding with both eyes closed. I wasn't sure what was a matter. I though that maybe I did not get enough sleep. I stopped several times and felt better. Bernie Passed me coming back right before the steep hill. I got over the hill, crossed the San Andreas Fault and was at the first control in Parkfield(67 miles). Parkfield is a lodge, Tavern and Earthquake research center. I snacked on some food I brought with me before starting back. I went back over the big climb (hiking part of the way). and started the descent . I ran in to the same problem with my eyes. I laid down for a minute, but the Highway Patrol wondered by and interrupted. I Finally decided that I was have an allergic reaction to the crops. I got off off Vineyard and onto the “Show me” pavement. By this time a Stiff headwind had developed. I had also not bee eating enough. It took about an hour to do the eight miles from San Miguel to Paso Robles. I stopped at an AM/PM Convenience store(mile 100), and had a big Gator, Queen Sized Payday,and a humongous Burrito. I know you're not supposed to have food with lots of Corn Syrup in Endurance events, but I need some fast energy. as it looked like I was going to battling the headwind on climb up and over the coast range. I had decided that if I reached the intersection of 46 and PCH (highway 1)(mile 120), I would press on the ragged point inn by 5, I would press on, otherwise I would had back to Cayucos. I got there at 5:10PM. The winds had let up, but I begging to regret the burrito After some struggling, I decided to see how long it would take me to get to San Simeon, about 12 Miles up the road. I ran into Kevin and Bernie on the outskirts of San Simeon at 5:43. The burrito and Gatoraid diet was begging to pay off! They urged me to press on. Shortly after that , I had a flat. I quickly got it changed, and soon on my, way, I guess I had forgotten how ling it was up to the ragged point. At one point, I cried a little bit. I did a little better with my energy gel and drinks. The Ragged point Inn is a four star hotel that sit on a 300 foot cliff overlooking the pacific. There about a mile long climb from Sea Level to get there. I get there at 7:30. had some more food. I also drank a “Real” coke, and mixed up some more perpetuem, and was back on the road at 8:00. I was begging to rebound. all of the land between Ragged Point and San Simeon is still owned by the Hearst estate, So it was just me, the cows , the occasional car, and the waves crashing on shore. A wonderful experience. I kept better track of my fueling, and it paid off. Kevin was out keeping track of me. I finally got back in a little after 10:15. Kevin and Kathy left me have plenty of Pepsi and cold Pizza. Kevin said I had gotten several complements of lighting, and he was surprised How fast I made back from the Ragged point. I pointed out that the terrain had a lot to do with that. He wondered if you be crazy enough to do the 400k in two weeks (250 miles in 27 hours)

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