Monday, May 28, 2012

Fort Stanwix/ Oriskany

I was going to do a ride today, but my nose acted up, so I deive out to Rome and visted Fort Stanwix: No, not that one, this one: this fort Stanwix was built in the french Indian, but gained most of its fame during the revoltunary war. Playing hard to get: very nice, but it rained while I was there, so not a lot of photos, Coming back, I came by the monument for the Battle of Oriskany:
From 2012-05-28
All in all, a nioce day trip, and my nose is ok noew, whereas if I had gone cycling, I would be in bad right now.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Down, creative demons, down!

Or maybe I should say Dawhn: Part why I started writinbecausease I realized that My mother would need help the older she got , my brother would not help, and there's not much going on in IT in Cape Girardeau. Subjects were chosen so I could double up research trips with Family Visits. Well, now that she in Memphis, that put a different spin on the whole situation. The Cape book is on indefinte hold, but the Vincennes book is still going. And I stumbled across some more fun stuff. The first one has Geneal Nathan Bedford Forrest and the siniking of the Sultana, with Memphis in the Civil War, and the second is Memphis in the 1950's with Dewey Phillips, the first DJ to play Elvis on the radio. And along the way, you stumble across things, like this photo i saw it without caption, and I thought that the gentleman in the Hat looked my Grandfather Lingo. He wasn't, but an enjoyable detour

No Club ride for you!

I've thought about doing ride with Mohawk Hudson for a while. The only problems is I'm between classifications with my averaging about MPH (well, they do have a Sunday morning ride, but I always have other things to do then. So I took off forSchenectadyy. Flowers in the old Canal: I rode out to the hill by Knolls an turned around. Found a rest stop: and fLawrencerence the Indian in the Stockade: I headed out to Amseterdam. A place for Deere John letters: I did make it all the way to Amsterdam: and came back by the Ghost bike: Before passing the mHCC crew on the way out. Good Thing i went solo, as several folks acted like Mommy would take away their Lance Armstrong pajamas if they spoke to a bent rider. Oh well.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh my nose

I went out and did the FJ&G rail trail, which is the road bed of the old Fonda, Johnstown, and Gloversville railroad. It's only 8 miles long, so I did it 4 times Started in Gloversvilles (named beacuase it was home the american Glove industry): Small town america: in the woods: Out Fishing: Going by an old factory: Johnstown Depot: Yard sale: Little League: Did some decorating on my bike: and had lunch at Stewart's and finished off by going to Johnson Hall: I was in Bed with allergires all of sunday, so this is a little late

Sunday, May 13, 2012

mixing the ride

I forgot my camera yesterday, so this will have to do. It does across a lot nicer than the orginal: Which is why JXLO went to #1, whereas "the King" only managed #68 (we'd probably consider that to be pretty good, but there was probably some gnashing of teeth on Elvis Presely Blvd. Today, I took my trek 7300 to waterford and rode an old section of the Champlain Canal: Mixing it up is good. I was thinking about Elvis and how Sam Phillips was looking for a white artist that had the sound normally asociated with the Artists that appeared on Dewey Phillips "Red Hot & blue" and Race wasn't the only factor. Elvis looked up to Rosetta Tharpe. You can imangine who many records a grandmotherly looking lady could have sold, depsite that fact that she could many a metal god to shame with her guitar: If you've never heard of Rosetta, it's your while to get acquainted with her. I've written my piece for today,so keep the rubber side down

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Favoring the familiar

I was thinking about with Facebook. I clicked to like LazMagnoliaia Beer and Bruce (aka Fully Lugged) liked Genesee. So i went to Rite Aid and got some. Still like O'douls, even though it isn't 'real beer'. Certain things appear right to based on how (and where) we were raised. I was thinking about whipursuesue my hobby of you tube surfing. Take what may have been the first rock'n roll record: And for those who didn't like the "Broken Amp" sound or (more likely) preftheir thier musicians to be a different skin tone: My point is that we should be able to different point of views, even if we don't agree with DivergingiverOpinionf Opnion isnecessaryeccesary. Otherwise, we'll wind with a bland culture, and have to listen to stuff like this: Hint: it should sound like this: but that's just me

Saturday, May 05, 2012

35 miles on the Erie Canal

since it my rouge Croix ride, I did a video for Andre. Hopefully no one listens to the lyrics too close. There is a Dam in Amesterdam (old summer camp humor)
From 2012-05-05
NYSDOT switched the bridges between rt 5s and the trail: Perfect tool for the job: I alomost brought the bent since I couldn't determine what the surface was. The Cinders did slow me down a lot. Fultonville, NY: "freight - NYWS&BRwyCO" New York, West Shore, and Buffalo Old Rr Grade,Thruway built on top of the old canal, and the Mohawk: I thought I would make to Canajoharie today, but it was not to be. This was my turn around: Coming, I passed some Post-Irene repairs: and an Old Studebaker: Before having to stop at the Cat toll booth: the other riders paid my toll. I finished up with lunch at Stewarts: