Friday, February 27, 2009

unexpected surpises

I'll admit that two day into this, maybe the chicken noodle soup diet maybe wasn't such a good idea.
You see, I decided to be healthy and bought the Campbell's Select harvest label. Nice and healthy, no funky chickens and no MSG.
But it gives me diarrhea. So I'm going withe Campell's chunky (lots of Sodium and MSG, Yum!), which I tolerate.
And I meant to start working bible journal project again. but that's why we confess that was sin "by what we have done and what we have left undone"
I do one other lent practice that I'm thinking about, I'll let you know if I do it.
But back to unexpected surprises. I needed to go into work and make some hours due to power outage (the joys of contracting!). I expected to be a boring 5 hours. It was the opposite of boring. Left me wondering if on of my other projects - a CMMI appraisal - I should rate us at -1. Planning ahead does save you grief.
But I got done what I could and went home. I just going to show my new bike at Comp Edge and REI. the wrenches at both places, plus I went to the post office and the bank.
and Surprise! My errand run turned into a great deal of fun, in between floating down Arrow route at 20mph with very little effort, to getting started on a hill, climbing without wobbling, and finding where that bike path REALLY ended, it was a great hour on the bike. wouldn't have worked out any other way!
So rejoice when life throughs you a little surpise. you never know when bad things become good.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The dream of the chicken soup, or what I'm doing for Lent

So what does Chicken soup, the NewsBoys, and bicycling all relate to preparing from celebrating Christ's resurrection?
I was debating what to do. I really don't like give things up for lent. I sort our previous priest's mantra that lent is about discipline.
I thought about doing a blog post a day, but I've done that (and been there) it's so 2007.
I've been experimenting with lunch choices. I've been bringing in microwave chicken soup. And thought occurred to me to eat Chicken soup every day for lunch.
You're probably rolling and wonder if I'm overdosing on MSG by now. Which is where is the Newsboys and their song "reality" come in.
You see. sometimes it is following that little voice inside your head. So chicken soup it is!
And this posed decisions too, do I eat Campbell's all the time, or do I mix it up with Progresso and healthy Choice? Will I overdose on MSG? Will I grow feathers and a beak?
and bicycling. I also heard a little voice telling me to pick my Roubiax from the shop. So I did.
But I'm going to ride it. yet. Yes, folks I decided that my new Bacchetta arrived at an auspicious, it's going to get all the mileage this next 40 days.
So I started a bit early. On Saturday, I decided I was going to try and ride my age, since my Birthday is on Monday and I have to work.
So I started out early and decided to use the bike path that runs along Cucamonga Creek to get to Baseline. I then did the rail-trail and found several homeless folks had take up residence under the 15 overpass.
From 2-21-2009

I then rode over to the coffee shop and took a break:
From 2-21-2009

I decided to do the short ride, but I was a bit concerned about going up Benson. It turns out , we had a new rider, and we went up San Antonio. it was Him, Tom and Mary Logsdon, and myself. We stopped at park at 20th street and found a yoga class wrapping up:
From 2-21-2009

Tom dispensed some advice:
From 2-21-2009

We made it back to coffee shop without incident. During our "social hour", Steve Albano and Fred Santiago had test ride my new toy:
From 2-21-2009

From 2-21-2009

I then joined Fred and Sylvia and Tom and Mary lou for lunch. I had nice burrito at Tios/ I had to laugh as Sylvia asked me what kind of burrito it was. Probably not the thing to ask some who's used to having two choices in "Mexican" food: Taco Bell and Taco Johns. It was still a Tacorific meal.
I then went to REI and the bank. Which left about 15 miles short. I started out going out the speedway and Fontana, but decided against that. Plus it was getting late in the day and i need to do some stuff.
So I wound about 8 miles short. No problem, there's always Sunday.
On Sunday was a gray day. and I had to a "dab" on the bike path , and couldn't get the thing started. and I dropped my chain going up the hill on Benson. and so on. So I decided that the birthday ride wasn't in the cards and went home. What you want isn't necessarily what God has in mind.
So let's see how the next forty days goes
Here's the full version of the "reality" song. enjoy!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Making adjustments

Well, i got that new bike, and I've actually managed to do some riding with it.
I went over to Palm Springs and did The Team Estrogen ride on Friday. I almost did not do it , as it was raining hard here.
I thought I would have some time to practice my recumbent handling skills, but I did not , I found the group in quick order
From 2-13-2009

we did a tour of the Stars home. It was nice, except for the fact that my seat kept on slipping back , most noticeably crossing palm canyon.
we stopped at one stars house for a picture or two:
From 2-13-2009

From 2-13-2009

made another stop at the art museum:
From 2-13-2009

we did part of the climb to Indian canyon. I manged to fall and was wobbling a lot. we were going to go all the way, but I needed to get back, as I had a hair stylists appointment later that afternoon. I got there just , but no lock for my new bike. I chanced it (it was raining hard at the time)
Then on Saturday, I took another little trip to Van Nuys and did the shop ride for Bent up cycles.
From 2-14-2009

From 2-14-2009

From 2-14-2009

we then went to balboa park and did a loop at a pace that gave my plenty of time to practice my slow speed handling skills.
I then did some practicing in the industrial lot around Van Nuys airport. They had several WWII planes paint for various air forces. I think they were all American planes at one time
From 2-14-2009

From 2-14-2009

and being in the San Fernando valley, I went by a movie studio. This is where "my Name is Earl" is filmed:
From 2-14-2009

And since I was supposed to be the lector this Sunday, and had this to read, I decided to ride my Bacchetta there. I was a bit afraid, as I would have to do some climbing to get there. I chopped it up and aside from a chain problem and a dropped tube clip, I came through ok. I realized that had lost my debit card, or else I would have done a longer ride, but I wanted to get that straightened out.
That Conclude my journeys for this week. I was going to Garth Brooks "Freinds in low places" for the music, but decided that Dino and Frank were much palm springs and pseudo Italian ("Bacchetta" translates as Baton)
until next week,

Sunday, February 08, 2009

A beatiful day?

That song sounds familiar but the artist doesn't, at least if you don't listen to Contemporary Christian (it's Sanctus Real
Saturday was a icky day weather wise, but the morning looked promising. So It took off to head for the club ride. talked to Ray and Barbara VanderNat on the way there. But I was the only person who thought it was a beautiful day. one other person showed up to ride, but he wanted to do shinn road. So we went out ways. I went up to the closed section of highland, and then up Campus in Upland. I thought that I had been on baseline in Claremont, so I did that.
Then I went out to Van Nuys. At least I'll call it bike, but the UCI and may disagree:
From 2-8-2009

And that's why I picked that song - Familiar , but different, yes?
And it's going to take me some time to adapt - It is very different to ride. Since it was spitting rain all day, I did parking lot loops. Did get 8 miles.
And sometimes the dream does not die , but changes shape. I was working on my bible journal software, but I may be joining a team working on exercise software. On of my other hobbies is old autos, and the History behind them. I',m sure you're aware of the fact that Ransom Olds got forced out of Oldsmobile and wound with REO. But you not be aware that a similar fate befell Henry Ford.
Henry started out with the the Henry Ford company, after Henry got the boot , they decided to name their cars after the founder of Detroit: Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac.
So, sometime dreams change shape in unexpected ways (the key is listening to see which way to go)