Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Salton Sea

I was supposed to meet some folks and do a double metric today(circumnavigation of the Salton Sea) I got to start and waited , and waited , after a half hour I took off. while I didn't have a cue sheet, this is the desert, so it's hard to get lost. Just remember which side you want the sea/lake on. Things went well at first. I maintain about 17mph and the border patrol waived me through a check point . I had a flat at mile 30 , but made to mile 50. I was getting close to the urban areas of Palm Springs/ Cochella valley, so I decided to turn around. My average dropped to 13 and stayed there. I finally ran across my group at mile 54. By then I was wondering if i could do 120, I went by an abandoned hotel/Night club where I took the pictures.:

I managed to get out the wind by the border patrol . but the the last 8 miles from Niland to Calipatria were something else. There was a 20mph crosswind. I had to stop get off the bike to drink for fear of being blown down! I decided to call it a day at 100. Calipartia was having a Christmas Festival when I got back. , So I browsed it for a while. I forgot to a photo the World's Tallest flagpole when I left town. Calipartia is 180 feet below sea level, and the flagpole is 181 feet tall(my maximum elevation for the day was about -54). I guess that way they can find their town when the Gulf of California or the Colorado river floods town