Saturday, August 01, 2009

Give me a Payday bar and a Choclate milk and i'll let the clerk go

Today was a fun day especially since it started for me at 2:45AM.
You see, I had a 200k brevet that started at 4 am in San Bernardino, but I also wanted to do the club coffee night.
Well no one showed up for coffee, so I could have gotten a hotel anyway.
I got to the starting control with plenty of time to spare, plus I got to listen to a neat interview with the CEO of Red Hat software. Cool!
The start went fine, only expecpt my lights were little bit underpowered vis a vie everyone else's. I've been told I very excellent night vision(By a special forces Sargent), so I tend to rely on that rather than having a blowtorch. any way some of light did tend to blind me, and the upper section of the Santa Ana is twisty. Then my helmet headlight went about the time we hit the 'dirt' section. Well, deep sand is dirt, isn't it? needless to say, we walked. Then the trail made it a 90 degree turn, I found, but found the equestrian path. I was riding along and noticed another trail - pavement at last!
we stopped at the first control, A circle K (no Bill and ted, Bummer dude!) Since the Circle did not have bathroom, I had to make secondary stop
The ride down went fine I was at the beach before I knew it:
From 8-1-2009

Jack and Kath Twitchell dressed appropriately:

The RBA, Greg Jones brought his family along:

one of the many wooden bridges on the SART:

I caught a soccer game on the way back:
From 8-1-2009

but no baseball:

and no hockey:

It stooped at Green river for a choclate milk and a payday bar
Things were still going well when passed this factory:

in case you can't read the sign:

I Made it back to Circle k in Norco. Norco bills itself as Horestown, USA. All the buildings are wild west themed. The was an RV dealer with two large plastic sculptures of a horse up on its hind leg with a rider on its back. The street was too busy for photos:

I was planning on inserting another control by Mt Rubidox, but decide I could make it with the calorie, well I could but my neck was bothering me. My seat may too reclined , or I need stronger muscles. I took several break and pedal slowly, but still set a best time!
I hung around, the Control was at a Coco's restaurant, and I thought I could covinced some folks in to going for lunch (I would have like to pay them back for the parking lot), but no takers.
So next time, don't skip stops!

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FlyingLaZBoy said...

Uhhh, Jana... "Horsetown" may evoke the Wild Wild West, but "Horestown" brings up an entirely different image... or perhaps you were referring to the nightlife? (grin)