Monday, August 17, 2009

A tour of portland 8/13

One of the reasons I pick My hotel was that it was next to a light rail line. I used to get to the rose test gardens:
From 8-17-2009

It seemed like they had every single kind of rose on Display. I eventually got tired of the roses and explored some more of Washington Park
part of the old zoo:

a trail:

The Holocaust memorial:

The statue "the coming of the white man"

I then went to the logging museum:

you could sit inside the locomotive:

I then took the light rail (via the world's second deepest subway station) to downtown. I was going to eat lunch at a Sushi resturant, but I had some trouble finding it. It was worth the bother. I then found the niketown store, which wasn't.
Some pics of some public squares:

Eventually, it cam time to head back to the Hotel:

I was debating wether to try to go to Multinomah falls that day or the next, I decided to go ahead:

I then went to Bridal Veil falls, here's an overview of the Columbia:

They didn't appear that impressive at first:

, but hiking further:

I was going to go see the Visa house, but at this time, the alternator light on my car light up, so this journey will be continued...

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