Saturday, August 29, 2009

Different prespectiives

What, no pictures?
Well I really didn't see anything that I hadn't taken a photo of before.
Since I get home late, I usually miss the Tv news, I can as I care for the cable channels, but in flipping through the 250 odd channels, I stumbled across CCTV-9.
I does give a different perspective, even keeping in mind it is very much a propaganda arm of the Chinese government.
Another different perspective is that I hung with most of the "fad" rider today at the club ride Hey, I'm getting better at the recumbent thing. Now to work on those hills. Hey, you;ve to always have a challenge.
Speaking of that, my church seem to think I can do kitchen duty all by myself. I have other, and have been putting writing a difficult letter,s o maybe I should get to it.

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