Wednesday, August 19, 2009

If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all

This day started out promising we were to meet and ride someplace for breakfast. Joe and Sue were going to drive somewhere, so I decided to hang out with Dave and Edna Van Gundy.
Edna had a nice jacket. but she works for Team Estrogen:

The reason why mention that is being the northwest, it started to rain, and I had left my jacket in my tent. Enda had a socked bike:

So borrowed her jacket.
I would up following a group to the wrong restaurant. I realized my mistake, and found the right one:

after breakfast, we went back on the rail trail to the campsite. Lovely view of the bay:

The next event of the day was the photo shoot. They were 125 bike, so it took a while:

From 8-17-2009

some folks were more dressy:
Joe and Marilyn were matchy:
From 8-17-2009

After this, they were several ride on the agenda. Joe was going to do the waterfall ride, and I had signed up for that. But Sue was not feeling good, so he decided to do the Ft Clatsop ride instead. I plunged on, only to be stopped by chain going past my derailleur and into my spokes at Youngs falls:
From 8-17-2009

We did some field repairs and made back to ft Stevens after a stop at the Diary Queen in Astoria. My bike was doing ok (I didn't think I could screw up much more), so went on the bike path to Ft Stevens
Here's a recreation of how looked in the forties:

After I parked, I found the bike rack:

Ft Stevens was one of the places on the coast that was attacked by the Japanese navy in World War II. Part of why it was abandoned is that shore cannon were obsolete when the enemy could sail a submarine under the water past the fort. Here's a bunker that got hit:

Our navy did return fire:

Coming back, I went over a bridge:

This ain't SoCal:

We had a potluck for dinner. I let some one else do the cooking:

And we had speechifying afterward. this is Lonnie, the gentleman who helped me out of my derailleur jam

We then headed back to our campsite to watch the recumbent parade. Folks decorate thier bikes and make a grand loop of all the campsite (supposedly the largest in Oregon) after dark:

And to think, some told that they thought the parade was hokey. Ok it is Hokey, but in a good way, like hee haw

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