Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Other San diego

Today, My bent "club" did the San Diego creek trail
I go there a little early and didn't want to ride the trail. I noticed that there was a loop around the neighborhood, so I did some laps of that:
a nice lake:

The creek was unusual in that it did not have a concrete bottom:

A nice scuplture:

Gradually, the gang began to gather

And I assumed my usual position:

Instead of taking the San Diego creek trail all the way down, we took one paralleling the 405 freeway. We were soon at the bay, being serenaded by planes taking off from John Wayne/Santa Ana airport

The next section was odd in that we going the wrong ay on a one way street:

We made it across the bay, took a break, and pedaled up to scenic viewpoint:

We wound our back through the neighborhoods, doing the BMW's, Lexus, and Bentleys. I thought about taking a picture of the Bemtley, but did not.
The Unphotgraphed Bentley? it sound like a dance group!

Before we knew it we were back in Irvine, We stopped at a Trailside Del taco (sorry no photos)
I did some exploring on my own afterward. Found and under construction bridge

all in all , a great trail , and a great day:

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