Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The other california

I'm sitting here in a room at the Travelodge at Grant's Pass, OR. I spent most of the day going through a par of California most people don't think about: the Central Valley. Which is a shame, not because it's scenic (not compared to the rest of the state), but because geographically, it's the largest region of the state, and maybe it's because it may the most important region to the rest of the country. Why? you know that pasta sauce you picked up today? Where do you think the tomatoes came from? Yep, the San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys.
It is an odd place, as naturally, it's a semi desert. They were signs protesting the water rationing (click here) I also passed several DrDained lakes. Lots and lot of pistachio and almond trees, Plus the tomatoes. I did almost turn back in Kettleman City, since I thoughI had lost my debit card. Thankfully, I found it.
I had lunch in Sacramento, and the scenery changed to look more Illinois or Northen Missouri. Execept for the Brown grass.
It changed again in rdding, plus I got treated to the sightt of snow in august on Mt Shasta. I slowed climbed in to Oregon, and found the scenery Changing again toPine forests.
I would wrote more, but my little 7 inch PC isn't very conducive to blogging

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