Monday, February 12, 2007

Bicycles, Babies, and Java

What, you may ask, do these items have to do with each other?
Babies: Remember, back in June, when My great niece was born? Well, she's lost 5 pounds since birth, so the Missouri Department of Fa miles has taken her. My nephew and his basically didn't care for her.(I've already received several offers to use Chuck and Jessica Lingo as martial arts dummies) My brother and his wife are trying to get custody of Meghan, and I've offered to take Meghan as well. That will obviously impact Bicycling time. If you see a Fat lady on a grey Cannondale with a baby Trailer on GMR, Stop and say hello.
Bicycles, Nothing much, after leading every single Saturday ride for January, I get a brief break, The Cycling Club is now the Cycling/Triathlon Club, and I did the Tour De Palm Springs This Past Saturday. Another post on that
Java: I am now the leader of the San Gabriel Java Study group. I 'm having a bit of a problem getting my students(victims?) , long time procedural programmers, to get used to object orientation. I'm also considering joining a group that's Learning to use Java to program cell phones. And I did some networking this weekend by Attending Scale (So. Cal. Area Linux Expo). I'm seriously considering posting something to, but that's another post, as well.
Now I have to decided if I want to play hooky at lunch on the 27th to see Richard Stallman at Caltech.

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