Friday, February 23, 2007

BirthDay Blog

Yes, it's my birthday. I started out today with a Trim by my stylist, Albert. I checked the Internet and found that FedEx was going to attempt to deliver some Hammer Gel today. I waited and waited, and finally gave up.
I had lunch at Todai in Arcadia, it's a Japanesse buffet - but they have a variety of stuff, I carbo loaded on Sushi, and had some Kimchee and Sashmi(Raw fish - Sushi translates as "with rice") I then drove up to Cayucos. I thought about pulling off in Solvang and watching the TOC, but I wanted to make sure I knew where I was going tomorrow morning. It's real pretty up here.
I Forgot to bring some tights, but I found some at Rite Aid(hey, they sponsor a cycling team) for $5.99. Was going to eat a Mexican restaurant, but it was crowded, so I wound up The place next door to the motel. It looked like a dive, but it turned out pretty good(Maya's in Morro Bay), it was also Mexican - I had the Grande Burrito. Retired to the room to watch the boob tube until nighty-night.

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