Thursday, February 22, 2007

It all works out in the end

I was going to watch the Tour of California - if nothing else to see the route for Saturday, but it rained here today. Normally, that doesn't mean much, but I take the train back and forth to work, and to get to work from the Train station in El Monte, I take a shuttle bus. well, the rain (L.A. Drivers "why are water puddles falling from the sky? It must be an Act o' God!(well it is)") caused traffic to be even more jammed than usual, which in turn caused Eloy to miss the 6:00 train. If I make that one, I can get home in time to catch the usual start of the coverage on Versus. We had to wait for the 6:20, so I thought I was going to miss half of it. It turns out that the show didn't start until 8:00. Happy Campers. Don't sweat the small stuff, Someone will take care of for you (think Romans 8:28)
P.S. They edit out most of what I wanted to see! They just left in the finish in San Luis Obpiso.

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