Sunday, January 21, 2007

200 kilometers in a day

how not to do a double metric
I had decided that I was going to trying some brevet Rides in 2007. Brevet rides are unsupported, ultra-distance rides. The nearest place that offered them was San Diego, so I made plans to the 200 Kilometer(124 miles) rides
I woke up early on 20th and drive down to the start at la Jolla. I got there in plenty of time and get the registration taken car of. I usually like to start when it's first light, but under the rules, we had to wait till 7.
the first couple of miles were fine. The only problem was that I had lost my cue sheet. I had a spare one, so it wasn't that big of deal. Unfortunately, I lost it in Escondido. Which was not good, because the course got very tricky here. (2 blocks on one street, turn left , 3 blocks turn right, etc.) Thankfully, I ran into Jim and Mark from the Riverside Bicycle club. they gave one of theirs. Coincidentally, My club(Cycling Connection) and RBC were having a joint ride that day. we joked about we were going to Persona non Grata for doing the brevet instead of the group ride.
We had to do a climb to get into the first control. On brevet , you are given a card which you have stamped at various points called controls. This was by an AM/PM convenience store at interstate 15 and deer creek road , so I stopped and got some thing to eat. I was wishing I could convince Sheetz to build stores on the west coast, but I'm going to have settle for Am/PM and Circle K.
here the ride started to get interesting. the next 30 miles were some very steep and sustained grades. I can do Glendora Mountain Road at 7-8mph (it's about a 6-7% grade). I was doing about 4 and having problems at time with the front wheel coming off the ground ( In my experience, that usually happens around 20%). I was passed by some racers on a training ride, only to encounter them again on a downhill on Couser Canyon. They were waving at me to slow down. A couple of their riders had gone down, but they didn't need anything. they caught me and we rode together until I turned off to do some more climbing.
Eventually I reached the turnaround point at the town of rainbow(Interstate 15 and San Diego/Riverside County line) we crossed over the 15 and began climbing some more. When I was on Reche road, A woman who also doing the brevet got hit by a car. A couple of rides called 991 and the Brevet Administrator. She was conscious and moving, but had to be transported by ambulance. We did some climbing , and came to second control at a sandwich shop in Fallbrook. I stopped and had lunch, and was on my way again.
We were done with the climbing for the most part. However, I made a wrong turn and did not realize it for about 4 miles. I doubled back onto the route, and reached Oceanside about 4 pm. I seriously considered taking the Coaster (Commuter train) back in at this point,but I persevered. It was flat , but I was trying not to push a big gear at this point. I stopped in Enicinitas(about 5pm) to put on my reflective vest and ankle bands as well as to turn on my lights. But I did get to see the sunset over the pacific while riding my bike. Who could ask for anything more?
Those of you have done the Amtrak can figure what happen at 5:30 . Torrey Pines Park! For those of who haven't, it s a mile long climb that ascends about 500 feet. I then pedal through La Jolla and back to the start. About a block away, my cell phone rang. It was Tom, our club president wanting to know where I was at . we were having a part that night. I related my tale and drove back to the party. Would I do it again? Maybe If I do could a flatter series. I was listen to my George Gershwin CD on the way back, and remembering a quote. He was playing tennis with one of his friends and complaining that he could never be another (name composer). He friend said that he stop trying be somebody and concentrate on the best George Gershwin he could be.
“Life is a lot like jazz.. it's best when you improvise” GG
here's the route

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