Monday, February 26, 2007

back to the routine

I lead (taught) the Java Group in Pasadena. I think they're finally getting objects. Yea!. we didn't go as long as planned , because several people went to the Richard Stallman lecture at USC instead.
I could a lengthly Windows vs Linux blog, but it is 9:30.
Wednesday night I have to decide what to do again God vs Java.
Speaking of God, You've probably heard the "Jesus' bones" report on the news. I'd like to get more info , but right now it sounds like a rush to judgment in order to cash in on the "da Vinici code" craze. After all , there was only guy named Jesus, right? St, Marks is having James Sanders speak on Wednesday, which is why
I'm considering skipping the J2ME class. Granted, I'd rather hear a new testatment scholars opinion, but beggars can't be choosers

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