Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bicycling Content

I forgot the bike rides from this weekend!
Saturday - The club is trying some new ideas - specifically a fixed route for the Saturday rides, with a new starting point. I rode to the old starting point, picked up the people who went there and proceeded to the new point. Tom and Sue were going to lead the slow . er short, ride(will the world stop turning?), but they showed up with a broken fork on their Zona. I wound up with the lead.
Things went well. There were some complaining about the number of regroups, but I wanted to see how things were going, and we did have a new rider, so I didnn't want to make a bad impression. I got in to trouble for showing how fast big folks can go downhill, and we all had coffee afterward.
Sunday - some folk had complained about a turn on the long route, and we thought there was a route arrow left over from the Tour de Foothills. I pedaled my up Mt Baldy Rd (I don't go uphill nearly as fast as I go down... Darn!) and looked for it. It was there,but could stand a freshning.
Ubuntu - I got 6.10 up and running over the weekend. Lot better. the only boo-boo was that I installed a plug for Firefox that's supposed to help work with the LinkedIn website. It did want to co-exist with Gmail(kept on try to find a LinkedIn page for each mail), so I had to de-install it.
Tommorrow - I'm still on the fence on wether to go to class or not.

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