Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday

Well, Anthony canceled the J2ME class, which removed one crisis. So made it to the evening service at St. Mark's. And we had birthday cake at work, which was a problems. my birthday is Friday, and as an Anglican type person , I was supposed to be fasting. I took a piece and ate it on the the train.
Speaking of Fasting (and Bicycling), remember I said the 400K was on Easter Weekend? Well, guess I get to fast again : Good Friday.
Seriously, I find interesting that Brevet Season and Lent are coinciding. My two passion,(well, I probably should work Java in there , too) all together. I've been discerning if should draw anything from this... I'm sure there's a connection that's I'm supposed to make.
You have noticed that there a bicycle race in California this week? I've watched two hours of it. all week. I guess I like riding my bike more than watching other people ride theirs. I'll probably tune in tomorrow, if for nothing else, to get a sneak peek at the course on Saturday.

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