Saturday, May 05, 2012

35 miles on the Erie Canal

since it my rouge Croix ride, I did a video for Andre. Hopefully no one listens to the lyrics too close. There is a Dam in Amesterdam (old summer camp humor)
From 2012-05-05
NYSDOT switched the bridges between rt 5s and the trail: Perfect tool for the job: I alomost brought the bent since I couldn't determine what the surface was. The Cinders did slow me down a lot. Fultonville, NY: "freight - NYWS&BRwyCO" New York, West Shore, and Buffalo Old Rr Grade,Thruway built on top of the old canal, and the Mohawk: I thought I would make to Canajoharie today, but it was not to be. This was my turn around: Coming, I passed some Post-Irene repairs: and an Old Studebaker: Before having to stop at the Cat toll booth: the other riders paid my toll. I finished up with lunch at Stewarts:

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