Sunday, May 13, 2012

mixing the ride

I forgot my camera yesterday, so this will have to do. It does across a lot nicer than the orginal: Which is why JXLO went to #1, whereas "the King" only managed #68 (we'd probably consider that to be pretty good, but there was probably some gnashing of teeth on Elvis Presely Blvd. Today, I took my trek 7300 to waterford and rode an old section of the Champlain Canal: Mixing it up is good. I was thinking about Elvis and how Sam Phillips was looking for a white artist that had the sound normally asociated with the Artists that appeared on Dewey Phillips "Red Hot & blue" and Race wasn't the only factor. Elvis looked up to Rosetta Tharpe. You can imangine who many records a grandmotherly looking lady could have sold, depsite that fact that she could many a metal god to shame with her guitar: If you've never heard of Rosetta, it's your while to get acquainted with her. I've written my piece for today,so keep the rubber side down

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