Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Favoring the familiar

I was thinking about with Facebook. I clicked to like LazMagnoliaia Beer and Bruce (aka Fully Lugged) liked Genesee. So i went to Rite Aid and got some. Still like O'douls, even though it isn't 'real beer'. Certain things appear right to based on how (and where) we were raised. I was thinking about whipursuesue my hobby of you tube surfing. Take what may have been the first rock'n roll record: And for those who didn't like the "Broken Amp" sound or (more likely) preftheir thier musicians to be a different skin tone: My point is that we should be able to different point of views, even if we don't agree with DivergingiverOpinionf Opnion isnecessaryeccesary. Otherwise, we'll wind with a bland culture, and have to listen to stuff like this: Hint: it should sound like this: but that's just me

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