Sunday, May 27, 2012

No Club ride for you!

I've thought about doing ride with Mohawk Hudson for a while. The only problems is I'm between classifications with my averaging about MPH (well, they do have a Sunday morning ride, but I always have other things to do then. So I took off forSchenectadyy. Flowers in the old Canal: I rode out to the hill by Knolls an turned around. Found a rest stop: and fLawrencerence the Indian in the Stockade: I headed out to Amseterdam. A place for Deere John letters: I did make it all the way to Amsterdam: and came back by the Ghost bike: Before passing the mHCC crew on the way out. Good Thing i went solo, as several folks acted like Mommy would take away their Lance Armstrong pajamas if they spoke to a bent rider. Oh well.

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