Sunday, May 27, 2012

Down, creative demons, down!

Or maybe I should say Dawhn: Part why I started writinbecausease I realized that My mother would need help the older she got , my brother would not help, and there's not much going on in IT in Cape Girardeau. Subjects were chosen so I could double up research trips with Family Visits. Well, now that she in Memphis, that put a different spin on the whole situation. The Cape book is on indefinte hold, but the Vincennes book is still going. And I stumbled across some more fun stuff. The first one has Geneal Nathan Bedford Forrest and the siniking of the Sultana, with Memphis in the Civil War, and the second is Memphis in the 1950's with Dewey Phillips, the first DJ to play Elvis on the radio. And along the way, you stumble across things, like this photo i saw it without caption, and I thought that the gentleman in the Hat looked my Grandfather Lingo. He wasn't, but an enjoyable detour

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